Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2024

Have a Meaningful Memorial Day Everyone!

Mark Twain

America without her soldiers would be like Jesus without his saints.


What does Mark Twain have to do with Memorial Day?

Someone asked me the other day what obstacles I must overcome to write so many articles, blogs and books, such as my latest book about a war we’re now right in the thick of against global warming, called  Planetary Lifeguard, Blowing the Whistle on Climate Change.

On this holiday in which we honor those who’ve lost their lives serving our great country, it made me think of another writer, much more prolific than me—Mark Twain.   He was a soldier too, only his rifle shot words.  He would aim them at just the right targets, like racial prejudice.  And like all U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marines, he was an inspiration to his country.

Also known by his real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Twain was a most gifted and prolific American author and humorist and a hero of mine growing up as were generals Patton, Eisenhower and MacArthur.   

Twain churned out a wide range of works.

From his many novels and short stories, essays, and non-fiction books, came the adventures of another Tom (last name Sawyer).  It’s the one I treasure most, considered one of the most beloved boyhood adventure tales of all time.

Twain weaves the story of a young boy with a penchant for mischief, which might account for why I call my blog MaddenMischiefYes, I can’t help thinking mischievously when I see fools on television pretending to be philosophers.

Back to the question of what obstacles I must overcome. 

The big one is time.  Like most people, I work. I’m the Wordshine Man, forever polishing news releases my daughter Adrienne Mazzone, president of our PR firm, TransMedia Group sends to me for rehabilitation.  We serve an array of august clients including the prophetic attorney Peter Ticktin, an early bird who saw climate change coming.  Ticktin founded an organization called The Global Warming Foundation. His views align with those of someone who was once a classmate of his at the New York Military Academy, former President Trump. They emphasize that Americans first need to prosper and have a strong economy before addressing climate change, which Ticktin believes involves not only reducing fossil fuel usage but exploring geo-engineering solutions. 

Occasionally we represent some of The Ticktin Law Group’s clients, like daring entrepreneur Michael Mota, whom Boston Globe just can’t seem to stop writing about. It’s called making a living. I call it helping to make the world a better place, a more just, saner, less fossil-fueled planet.

As founder and CEO of a busy public relations firm I started 40+ years ago when I left NBC, I’m a busy guy. But I have skills roaming in different directions.

Mark Twain once said, “When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not.”

For me, it was the same. Eventually, I came to realize these imaginations were ideas and concepts. Before you write a book, create a PR plan, or start a war, first you must envision!   And you’d better envision better than Russia when it attacked Ukraine unprovokedly and got turned around.

No, I don’t mean you make it up out of thin air.  You look for the less obvious facts, truths and advantages and make them not just more known, but see that they stand out, receive coverage by news media and become memorable.

That’s what I want the climate change facts, messages, and prescriptions in my latest book Planetary Lifeguard to be—memorable.  Not for me, but for you, for every one of us in this whole wide warming world! You’re welcome to check it out at

Now don’t over drink today, please drive carefully, and keep your chin up, especially you saints who’ve served!  As a veteran myself, I wish I could shake hands with every one of you and hug those who’ve lost loved ones while they were serving in our armed forces! That’s what Memorial Day is about—honoring the brave who’ve fallen.

Now, back to work.

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