After Thanksgiving, What?

Boca Raton, FL – Our nation just celebrated its annual Thanksgiving holiday – the most American of all national festivities. It’s indeed good to have one day per year, when each citizen is forced to reflect on the good received, instead of remembering only the distresses which also accompany us every year, throughout life! Hopefully this More...

by Online Staff D | Published 1 year ago
By Online Staff D On Friday, November 9th, 2018

Be Authentic, Bold, and Clear!

Every human being comes into the world with communication mechanisms. Even newborn babies know how to share pressing needs to a parent or guardian, capable of supplying their request. What many adults fail to understand, More...

By Online Staff J On Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Be Thankful for Gifts and Giver!

By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. Every gift should be received with a grateful heart, especially toward the giver who remembered us with the gift. Sadly, gratitude is becoming a neglected practice among many who might More...

By Online Staff J On Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
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What’s the Point in Being Controversial?

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. Several persons, lacking positive issues to deal with in their interactions with others, appear to use every opportunity to disagree, to act negatively, and to pronounce themselves antagonistically More...

By Online Staff A On Sunday, May 8th, 2016

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!”

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. In contemporary society, it’s extremely rare that any individual would bypass a mirror before starting the day in the presence of others. A mirror helps us see that we want to look to More...

By Online Staff A On Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Avoid Being Unnecessarily Contrary!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. Have you ever experienced interactions with persons who love to contradict what you say? Especially in front of others that’s most annoying! No matter what the subject of your conversation More...

By Online Staff A On Monday, April 25th, 2016

Drying One Another’s Tears

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. Humans have been fashioned, and put into the world by the creator as social creatures. As such, they are not to live in isolation from one another, but to be mindful of their fellows, in More...

By Online Staff A On Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Little Things Count a Lot!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. Never minimize the importance of small gestures, the power of supposedly insignificant things; most often these are the words that either make or break an opportunity, a friendship, or other More...

By Online Staff A On Thursday, March 10th, 2016
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Always Be On The Lookout!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. If you attempt to go anywhere with your eyes closed, you’ll most certainly stumble somewhere and fall, besides other possible disasters your lack of caution can cause. The same is equally More...

By Online Staff A On Monday, February 29th, 2016

What You Need for Whatever You Attempt!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. When you succeed at much, or at everything that you attempt, when you complete a great deal that’s on your wish list, the more likely explanation is probably found in a simple word, provided More...