Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2024

Bringing Luxury Outdoors: Tips for a High-End Resort Feel at Home

(StatePoint) Elevating your outdoor space into a luxurious retreat that rivals a high-end resort is a dream that many homeowners share. Whether you’re renovating your current property, planning a complete transformation, or starting fresh with a custom build, use these tips and design elements to get started.

  • Embrace Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living: Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating features like bi-fold doors or expansive sliding glass doors that open onto a patio or courtyard. This continuous flow enhances your living experience and sets the stage for a resort-like ambiance.
  • Go Big and Bold with Backyard Landscaping: According to experts, landscaping should provide contrast. “Incorporate modern aesthetics into your backyard with bold and innovative landscaping that includes both hard and soft elements,” suggests Kevin Scott, owner and partner of Alair Sanibel, a custom home builder in Southwest Florida.
  • Put Modern Twists on Natural Elements: Bringing the beauty of nature into your outdoor design will create a calming environment. To maintain a contemporary feel, use materials like stone, wood and bamboo in creative ways, such as with modern sculptural planters, sleek wooden decking or minimalist stone pathways.
  • Create a Cozy “Sane-tuary”: Leili Fatemi, of Leili Design Studio, recommends transforming your outdoor space into an extension of your interiors to achieve harmony. Choose cozy and comfortable furniture like sofas, lounges, swings and dining sets, and add finishing touches such as pillows, rugs and accessories. “When selecting outdoor items, opt for weather-resistant materials like wrought iron, teakwood, and outdoor-grade wicker and fabrics that are 100% solution-dyed acrylic for fade- and mildew-resistance,” advises Fatemi, emphasizing the importance of easy-care living.
  • Introduce Water Features and Outdoor Luxury Showers: Capture the resort-like feel by incorporating water features such as fountains, reflecting pools or small waterfalls, as well as stunning additions like outdoor luxury showers for a spa-like experience.
  • Enhance Ambiance with Outdoor Sound Systems: Install high-quality sound systems so you can enjoy convenience and comfort outdoors, whether relaxing or entertaining guests.
  • Illuminate with Smart Outdoor Lighting: Consider installing smart outdoor lighting systems that can be controlled remotely to improve security and safety and to highlight landscaping and architectural features at night.
  • Create a Versatile Outdoor Retreat: Incorporate a backyard studio that can serve as a sheltered spot for various purposes such as a guest room, home office or party room.
  • Focus on Wellness and Entertainment: Design outdoor spaces that promote wellness and entertainment. LeTricia Zogheib of Zogheib Necessary Luxury recommends incorporating features like a giant chess set or innovative installations. “I recently had a client request an outdoor TV installed at the end of his pool that could rise from the ground and rotate for different seating positions,” says Zogheib.
  • Partner with Expert Builders: Collaborate with experienced builders specializing in outdoor luxury design. “A reputable builder can ensure that your outdoor retreat is crafted with precision and attention to detail,” says Glen Harris III, regional partner at Alair Florida.

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With thoughtful design, premium materials, attention to detail and the expertise of knowledgeable professionals, you can transform your outdoor area into a luxurious retreat where every day feels like a getaway.

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