Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2024

Hurricanes Predicted to be Far Worse Where I Live, So I Pray You’ll Read My New Book: ‘Planetary Lifeguard: Blowing the Whistle on Climate Change’ Before it’s Too Late for us All!

Here’s an excerpt from one of the early rave reviews it has received, this one by John Riddle, Founder, I Love to Write Day:

            “This book was written by a talented and gifted communicator who   knows how to keep the reader engaged and wanting more. The title alone    is more than worth the price of admission into a story that at times is    hard to believe is true…but it is.”

Let’s put it this way, some play pickleball. Others love Lotto.  I like being safe and I write books betting you’ll read ‘em, then join the effort to stop our planet from overheating because I live right on the ocean in one of hurricanes’ favorite hangouts, Florida.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about why we must reverse climate change, my latest book Planetary Lifeguard™ tells how we can rescue our planet by staying fully informed and armed with knowledge so we can proselytize about the life-saving benefits of switching faster to renewable energy!

Planetary Lifeguard: Blowing the Whistle on Climate Change looks at the havoc carbon emissions from fossil fuels are causing our mother earth and what we must do to save her especially now as we keep heading into more climactically deadly and destructive hurricane seasons.

Atlantic City, NJ

This book stems from one of my favorite summer jobs as a lifeguard in Atlantic City where I grew up not far from those game-winning blue properties in Monopoly, Boardwalk and Park Place. 

Later, working the night shift as a reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, I went to graduate school during the day earning a master’s degree from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania to go with my bachelor’s degree from Temple University.  

From there I went on to network television and somehow rose to nose-bleed executive levels first at ABC, then NBC in New York where I was vice president, assistant to the president before launching my own public relations firm TransMedia Group, now headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

Among my firm’s first clients were AT&T, whose cell phones I still carry, Kellogg’s Company, makers of my favorite breakfast cereals and The City of New York, where my new firm was originally based and for whom we launched a PR campaign promoting fair housing. During my 40+ years in PR, I’ve fought a lot of crisis management battles restoring reputations, launching innovative products, and turning entrepreneur millionaires into billionaires. 

Now I’m fighting for our planet under assault from global warming and to lead the battle and inspire others to join the fight I’ve created Planetary Lifeguard to lead us to victory, blowing the whistle on climate change causing so much global havoc. Planetary Lifeguard takes you on an enlightening, enterprising and educational journey showing the urgency of switching faster to renewable energy and sustainability before it’s too late. Find your copy either in paperback or eBook on Amazon today at 

When I’m not helping companies’ perfect their PR strategies, I’m writing books or my weekly blog at Madden Mischief covering politics, current events and now dedicated to saving the environment. In my articles, books and blogs I’ve now drafted Planetary Lifeguard to wage a war against climate change and have put himon the front line educating the public about the threats planet earth is facing and how best to combat global warming.

Other books I’ve written include Wordshine ManSPIN MANKing of the CondoIs there enough Brady in Trump to win the InSUPERable Bowl? and Love Boat 78.

Media/Book Review Contacts: Adrienne Mazzone 561-908-1683, [email protected] or Julia Didner [email protected] 

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