Published On: Sun, Jun 9th, 2024

BEE Careful Walking Barefoot On Now Blistering Hot Beaches

Why is B for me the most Beautiful letter in the whole alphaBet?  And why does that sweet little insect, the BEE, deliver such a Beastly sting?

Yes, I awoke this morning with Bees buzzing in my mind, both the consonant B’s that bolster and beautify the beginnings of words and sentences and the now missing, beleaguered wild Bees whose wings would brush our air.  

The poor Bees are in Big trouble. You can call it a bubble that’s brewing not only in the United States today, but is a global phenomenon, a bellicose blizzard threatening many crops and plants, not to mention the livelihoods of our valiant, but now beleaguered farmers. 

While commercial honeybee colonies have received Barely enough attention to restore stability, wild bee populations continue to dwindle as that first part of my last name, like Mad (den). Bees are in serious decline due to the predatory P’s.   

Those plundering pirate P’s are waging war on poor Bees.  The P’s are the parasites, pesticides and pathogens causing serious decline in our precious bee population.

Also causing our bee bleeding is habitat loss due to another enemy for which I created my heroic champion Planetary Lifeguard to battle, to furiously blow his whistle at–climate change. 

Yes, bees buzzed me awake this morning, not just bees, but the letter B, my favorite, most beloved of all the letters, which for me will always Be a standout in the alphaBet.  


Because B’s are the most Beautiful.  Because my favorite place to walk is on the Beach.  But I Better watch my step.  Should barefoot I land atop a bee, its sting swells my foot to nearly twice its size, sends me limping off to CDS for an injection to curtail my infection.

The place where I like most to BE is on our Balcony blissfully overlooking that bountiful beach in the beautiful city where I live  . . . Boca Raton, Blorida, excuse me, I mean Florida.  Sometimes I get Bewildered.

Yes, for me, the B’s will always have it more than the eyes.  They’ll always be aBuzz    . . .  always that first consonant after A.  And for me will Be ever #1 in my Book!

So, all you honeys out there, please plant this Bee solidly in your Bonnets how unBelievably important to us are Bees along with that Beneficently Blithesome letter B as I just explained aBove and Beyond the sweet Bugle call of B duty.

Tom Madden has a penchant for sweetness, which is why he married his Brazilian girlfriend Rita with whom (pictured above) he bounces along the beach each day preferably at low tide when it’s not too blistering hot.  When not beach walking he’s writing articles and his B&B’s, blogs and books, like his latest, Planetary Lifeguard, or together with his daughter Adrienne Mazzone running their beehive PR firm, TransMedia Group.

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