Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2019

9 Super Soothing Tips To Tame Your Anger Beast

Boca Raton, FL – Anger is the mother of all regret. Anger is a beast. Anger is an emotion. An expression that pours out when the water passes over your head. Your face turns red and all you want to do is just scream, yell, bawl out, or even hit something or someone.

No matter what the trigger is, you experience anger when you’re unhappy, hurt, or full of the desire to take revenge. Apart from being a healthy emotion like happiness, its uncontrollability can lead to destructive impacts on your life and drag your in the center of negativity. Overall, it ruins your quality of life. Because one person is angry, someone gets hurt – if there is no proper anger management.

Anger Management 101

From a fleeting emotional meltdown to a full-fledged vengeance, the types of anger may vary in their nature and the kind of the anger management dose one requires. The level of control also determines how strong your emotional mentality is and how mature you are in directing the course of anger.

There are three main approaches to dealing with anger issues: expressing, suppressing, and calming. Of course, anger blinds all the sense and drives you crazy, which is why you need to choose a certain mode of expression. It doesn’t have to all that negative; the healthiest way to do is to express it in a positive manner. Aggression isn’t the only answer to all your anger problems. You need to learn to express your anger in a non-hurting manner and make peace with yourself and others.

When it comes to suppression, you can either convert it or redirect it. You suppress it when you keep anger in focus and look at it through a lens of positive perspective. Though the main point is to drive anger towards a cultivating a constructive habit, it can impose a self-destructive behavior.

Beat Anger With These 9 Super Effective Tips

You can finally rest your temples and calm yourself down. The key here is to focus on controlling your anger outside and inside. Read on to discover some practical habits to control your anger before it controls you.

1.      Deep Breathing Exercise

Whenever you’re experiencing anger, make sure you are accustomed to deep breathing practice. You see, when you’re angry, your blood pressure builds up, your body starts heating up – all due to the increased heart rate.

Slow deep breathing is mainly a relaxation technique that allows your heart rate to slow down and bring your body temperature to normal. Start the exercise by deeply inhaling and exhaling for 3 to 4 times in a row.

2.      Drink Water

Drinking water – at the point when your temples are about to explode – helps lower down the heart rate, lower the blood pressure, and induce a calming effect on your overall being. It will even calm your nerves and give your lungs ample time for relaxed breathing.

Another impact of drinking water is the elimination of dehydration, which is a result of increased body temperature during an anger session. Make water drinking a regular habit to beat the heat.

3.      Listen To Relaxing Music

None can deny the power of music in reducing anger by certain levels. Music reserves the quality in calming your brain through calming vibrations. Whenever you’re feeling angry or feel like the anger cup is about to spill, tune in your favorite song and go with the flow.

Here’s something even better: when the feelings of sadness, anxiety, and anger overcome you, listen to Marconi Union’s Weightless. This audio contains calming notes, which have been introduced with the help of psychologists to block the negative emotions and induce a calming impact.

4.      Sit Down If You’re Standing And Vice Versa

If you haven’t used this trick for anger management perth, do it now. During anger, your muscles stiffen and the body experiences stress. This makes it necessary for you to change your stance and relax your muscles. So if you’re standing up, sit down and vice versa. Repeat this exercise until you sense calmness and composure.

5.      Practice Mindfulness

There is nothing in the world that can emphasize enough the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice that helps you keep aware instant-by-instant of your feelings and surroundings. Since you won’t realize during your anger blazing through your mind, the best way is to incorporate mindfulness in your routine tasks.

Once you integrate it into your practice, you’ll realize why you’re angry and how you can manage by keeping aware of your feelings and the surrounding.

6.      Forgive And Forget

Forgiveness might make you seem vulnerable on the outside, but on the inside, it gives you nerves of steel to tackle any issue that comes your way – especially anger. When you focus on forgiving others for their mistakes or triggering you, you automatically deflect the negativity coming your way. You become impermeable, even though it becomes hard for you to swallow the bitterness. Try to forgive because, with forgiveness, you’re likely to forget. This improves the quality of your life.

7.      Go Outside

Did you ever think of screaming on top of your lungs at the edge of the mountain cliff? No? Give it a try! Jokes aside, go outside, and explore the beauty of nature. The scenic natural beauty that surrounds you have a calming effect and might be the chill pill you need at the moment.

Whatever natural landscape is around you, step outside and erase the memory of whatever is bothering you.

8.      Cultivate Positive Thoughts

One of the common reasons for an anger and aggression outpour is the reaction to negative remarks and behavior that catalyzes and stimulates anger buildup. On the contrary, keeping a calm composure allows you to think about every reason to maintain a positive attitude towards your life and towards others.

9.      Seek Assistance

Anyone can reach the breaking point when they can’t contain the anger inside and nothing seems to help. For instance, you are a student and assigned an academic task by your professor but you are not capable of doing that ask help to the person you trust the most or consult a professional online such as dissertation writing service  to conquer the beast inside you.

Author bio: Jasmine Demeester is a yoga instructor and a life coach residing in Florida. Throughout the course of her career, she has helped numerous people get back on the track to positivity. Since her profession demands constant attention, she writes and blogs to expand her services.

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