Published On: Fri, Mar 27th, 2015

Dining Spotlight: La Ferme

By: Megan Shea

Photo taken by: Libby Vision// Owners Bobby & Laura Shapiro

Photo taken by: Libby Vision// Owners Bobby & Laura Shapiro

With elegant, cozy interior decor and an ambient atmosphere, La Ferme has brought a certain modern spin on French cuisine to the table since their November opening. Not to mention what they actually bring to your table- which is certain to please as well. Situated in West Boca, La Ferme is somewhat obscurely placed, making it a local gem with a not so surprisingly loyal and growing following. For owners and Manhattan-restaurateurs  Alexandra, Laura, and Bobby Shapiro, success is a familiar concept, with their first South Florida endeavor being no exception.

Photo by Libby Vision// Tuna Tartare over Gravlax

Photo by Libby Vision// Tuna Tartare over Gravlax

The warm, inviting space, decorated with beautiful chandeliers, an inside bar, and secluded booths offered an atypical and contemporary dining experience unique to its brand. The fairly hushed environment was ideal for a quiet sit-down dinner, perfect for when you’re looking to splurge a little. The service was immediately attentive, offering personal favorites and recommendations.

At a glance, the menu details a handful of decadent, off-the-beat-and-path dishes, each with different takes on classic favorites. Its minimalist descriptions and selective array of dishes suit the space and serve as to not overwhelm.  Appetizers offered traditional French and local favorites.

I sampled the baked Gruyere cheese puffs. They were airy, buttery, and light- perfect to hold you over for your meal without filling you up. For an entree, I chose the crescent Long Island duck, served two ways. I also sampled the Narragansett Dayboat scallops. The duck was cooked perfectly crispy, served with bacon, lentils and carrot puree; an unlikely combination that worked well. The scallops were

Photo by Libby Vision// Chocolate Mousse Cake

Photo by Libby Vision// Chocolate Mousse Cake

a personal favorite. As an avid seafood fan, I was particularly fond of the almost citrus-y, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery flavor. They were served in a golden raisin caper vinaigrette, with a parsnip puree, and fennel pollen dust, which was as mouthwatering as the description suggests. For dessert, as soon as I saw crème brûlée on the menu, I was sold. La Ferme’s rendition was especially refreshing- a lavender crème brûlée, prepared beautifully, garnished with strawberries and a powdered cookie. It was a perfect end to the meal and left a clean, fresh taste on the palate to part with.

You truly get what you pay for here- and perhaps a bit more. La Ferme’s upscale decor, well-designed menu, attentive staff, and exemplary cuisine speak to the experience of the owners. The experience was one without complaints and I highly recommend you foodies put this on the very top of your to-do list.

To make reservations, visit La Ferme’s website here.


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