Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2024

Why Are Some So Against Adopting What’s Good, They’d Set a Sustainable Car Ablaze?

Planetary Lifeguard wonders why some in our society loathe sustainability? 

Why did a crowd of Lunar New Year celebrants in San Francisco’s Chinatown turn a driverless vehicle into what looked like a fire-breathing dragon’s victim?

Is this a new way to kick off the Year of the Dragon?  First you break the Waymo car’s windows, spray it with graffiti, then toss fireworks inside that ignite the high-tech car into flames.   Happy New Year! 

My advice to operators of Waymo and Cruise driverless cars powered with renewable energy on the West Coast is to place a cardboard cutout of a driver resembling Johnny Depp behind a fake steering wheel so people can applaud and adapt to the new sustainable technology without causing fiery riots.

To all those entrepreneurs embarking on new sustainable enterprises, your friendly Planetary Lifeguard who is blowing the whistle on climate change urges you to follow Winston Churchill’s advice who once said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”  

So, all of you brave sustainable crusaders stay upbeat!       TM

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