Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2024

Florida author completes interesting Presidential history book on a haunted White House

A haunted White House, a naked Prime Minister, an ancient Indian Curse, and a never-ending ghostly party. The definitive collection of over two hundred years worth of Presidential ghost stories.  The perfect mix of history, humor, speculation and campfire style ghost stories. Lincoln’s Ghost: Our Haunted Presidency is presented in an engaging manner for anyone with an interest in our past Presidents.

From Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow all the way to King’s Overlook Hotel, Americans have been enraptured by tales of the supernatural and the afterlife. Add the public’s natural interest and reverence for the American Presidency into the mix and it’s an alluring combination.  The idea of Lincoln lingering in the White House, Jackson still haunting the grave of his wife, presidents seeking the aid of mediums, or even a native American curse that has plagued the presidency for centuries; it reminds Americans that no one is above the human condition. 

Robert Buccellato, is the Hollywood, Florida-born author of Rum Runners and Moonshiners of Old Florida, and Jimmy Carter in Plains presents a unique tale of America’s relationship with Presidential Ghosts.

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