Coral Springs planning Everglades access ecotourism pitch

As reported earlier in the week in Coral Springs Talk the City of Coral Springs is moving forward with its play to create a “destination” in the city, built around its proximity to the Everglades.

This is from the City’s 2023 Annual Report:

“To take advantage of the Everglades, the city plans to research options and develop a long-range
strategy to provide our residents and visitors multiple points of interest. In the coming year, staff
will assess options for connectivity, partner with key stakeholders, and present a conceptual plan.
Part of the long-term Everglades Enhancement Strategy, the Everglades Loop will connect the
existing Everglades Conservation Levee Greenway with a multi-use path on the west side of the
city. Amenities such as restrooms, shade structures, and bike stations will be incorporated to
encourage various forms of exercise along the Everglades Loop.”

Everglades along the levee in Coral Springs

Currently the Everglades Levee and the Atlantic Trail can be accessed via a parking lot west of the Sawgrass Expressway on Atlantic Boulevard.

However according to the Coral Springs Talk story , the project enhancements will include a lot more than the current Atlantic Trail entrance.

The Everglades Loop project will create a 10-mile greenway loop that connects Coral Springs to the Florida Everglades. The loop is expected to include a scenic overlook area for nature lovers, a pedestrian bicycle bridge across the Sawgrass Expressway at Wiles Road, a small restaurant, and a pavilion. The trail will also include restrooms, shade structures, and bike stations along the city’s western border.”

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