Published On: Thu, Aug 31st, 2023

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness

My Mother, Sharon Ackerman and my story of the horror that Parkinson’s Disease caused her and my entire family

Boca Raton, FL – My mother suffered for a year in stage 5 of Parkinson’s with no quality of life and in a terminal stage of life for months with no escape. I live in FL and when my mother begged the nightmare to end, we could not help her in her darkest hours since there is no cure and over 15 doctors failed to help her.

Sadly, I watched my mother deteriorate and documented the final 8 months with video and pictures and it still horrifies me and haunts me every day of my life. She was 69 years old. I was not helpful and tried everything.

She had Parsons’s disease for a decade but it never started to affect major life abilities significantly until around 2014. She was still able to function and spend her favorite day of the week, Sundays with us in the backyard, blowing bubbles with her grandkids, eating the best meals we could find for that day while arguing with everyone where to eat or what to eat. Those funny arguments I will miss.  On 9/24/2017, my mother was rushed to the emergency room for the first time after an attempt at the University Florida failed when she joined a trial study for Parkinson’s. Since that day her health declined drastically. Several months ago, it got worse and worse every day. I know she is finally at rest now.

On that first Emergency room visit I decided to write her a letter that I knew sadly, I would end up reading one day and today is that day. I  have dreaded that this day would actually come true. She was only a young 69 years old with a lifetime ahead to see her grandkids grow and share more memories with us all. Toward the end, she only spoke of her grandkids and how much she loved them even when they would all scream and cry at the same time for no apparent reason as long as we were all together and she always had so much love to give. We were just a few days away from all of the family moving in together in a new house which is the only thing I’ll regret I didn’t get a chance to complete as I dreamt of us all being under 1 roof and that she could finish her life with me, together but that was one life event that wasn’t met due to the terrible disease.

1/1/2020 was the start of    My main focus in life today is Parkinson’s disease awareness and hope for a cure in my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman’s memory. My number one drive Sadly my mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman passed away on1/1/2020 due to Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. My mother lived with Parkinson’s for decades, but it started to affect her daily activities in 2014. Up until then she was able to spend her favorite day of the week, Sunday, with us in the backyard, blowing bubbles with her grandkids, eating the best meals we could find, but only after a lively debate over where and what she wanted to eat. I miss those funny arguments. I also create videos on awareness to share for awareness. I also participated in podcasts, interviews, articles, television, radio, blogs and magazines to ensure my mother’s story is never forgotten.  

My family for Parkinson’s awareness & hope for a cure. I wanted a place where people could find information since I could not when I needed help desperately. “My mother was the most caring, loving, positive person I know, and always put her family and friends first” Sharon’s son, George. Selfie Bands. The wristband band was created in January 2020 as a tribute to my mom, and as a way to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease, as we continue to hope for a cure, in memory of my mom Sharon Riff Ackerman. We have self-paid and send over 1,500 around the United States so those who want to help keep my mother’s memory alive, support awareness and hope for a cure. If you go we post many of the individuals’ pictures with the band selfie and share it with over 5,000 people on social media. Fundraising We help fundraise and participate in events for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (Optimism Walk), Parkinson’s Foundation (Moving Day) and Team Fox, the Michael J Fox Foundation. All donations that go to those organizations have a direct link in my mother’s memory at Partnerships 

In only a few months I have met so many incredible people who are also going through the effects of this horrible disease and caretakers. I have partnered with organizations around the world and feature them on social media and to reach more individuals around the world together. My main objective is to continue to raise awareness in my mother’s memory. I am confident helping awareness will lead to a cure someday. I need everyone’s help to share my mother’s story with one person, wear the band or just follow on social media or email me directly at 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my mother’s story. I am just the son of an incredible woman who deserved better then and if we had a cure, she would still be with us right now. She was too young to pass away and missed out on 15 years of   her life struggling with Parkinson’s disease. I miss her every second of every day. She was my best friend. 

Sharon’s son,

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