Published On: Mon, Sep 26th, 2022

Maxine the dog celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Videos uploaded on a TikTok account over the last week show Maxine the corgi celebrating Rosh Hashanah with her owners.

Pembrooke Welsh Corgi (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

A viral TikTok sensation known as Maxine the Fluffy Corgi, has amassed close to five million views across two videos posted to her account, @madmax_fluffyroad, on the subject of Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year.

Maxine’s TikTok account has amassed over 3.8 million followers and shares videos of her and her owner going on road trips, relaxing together at home, and, more recently, participating in Jewish life together.

Earlier this week, a video was uploaded to the account captioned “When you let your Jewish grandfather babysit your dog”. The video showed Maxine listening to her owner’s grandfather blow the shofar while dressed in a small talit and kippa and garnered 4.4 million views.

Special Rosh Hashanah video

A MAN blows a shofar at a synagogue during the month of Elul, ahead of Rosh Hashanah. (credit: GERSHON ELINSON/FLASH90)

Another video uploaded on Sunday showed the owner and Maxine supposedly having a conversation in which the owner asks if Maxine is celebrating Rosh Hashanah, and Maxine replying that she is a dog but being convinced with the promise of free food. The talit and kippa make another appearance in this video.

The comment section was full of people expressing their love for Maxine and well wishes for the Jewish new year.

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