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How Love, Childhood, and Creativity have Made a Label out of Milanblocks

We know that the history of the clutch bag goes back to ancient times, thanks to depictions seen in early tapestries and paintings. A gorgeous sample of one such lavish bag, dating back 700 years, was unearthed by archaeologists in northern Iraq. Now exhibited in a London museum, the exquisite silver and gold inlays on the brass clutch remind us that these bags were and continue to symbolize status, elegance, and fashion.

Through the centuries, clutches have continued to adorn countless women’s waists, wrists, and arms in various shapes and materials. Today, the clutch has become more than just an accessory for women wanting to carry a few small items; their exciting designs make them the perfect complementary addition to any dress code, whether smart, business, or casual.

Christian Dior made the clutch an affordable accessory for all women. Over the past decades, the clutch trend has inspired designers like Milanblocks and Cult Gaia to create aesthetically gorgeous bags that every gal can afford.

Growing the Milanblocks Iconic Look

Hua Cline is the mastermind designer behind Milanblocks and the stunning clutches made with mostly non traditional materials. With her love of abstract materials, particularly the transparent look of acrylic, her fans cannot get enough of her sumptuous creations.

Growing up in a traditional Asian home, Hua Cline’s love for creation and design did not make her parents enthusiastic. Nevertheless, she completed her university education and made her way to the U.S., where she started her business in 2012.

Like every new beginning, Cline’s was hard since she had to learn fast. Language, culture, and making money all seemed difficult, but she soon found her way by realizing that there was a place for goods, especially handcrafted ones, online.

She also made her way to the Parson School of Design in NYC, making a substantial financial sacrifice, knowing it was the best place to start if she wanted to achieve her goals.

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Making a Label Out of Love, Childhood, and Creativity

“I was busy learning about design during the daytime and doing business at nighttime,” she says. But, Hua continues, “It was after years of study and work that I finally started seeing some of my dreams come true.”

The successful minority woman entrepreneur finally saw her brand make it into Macy’s stores. In addition, prominent magazines, including ELLE, Cosmo, Stylewatch Mag, and Seventeen, featured her designs, which many celebrities also embraced. Milanblocks bags have featured at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

As a child, Hua never remembers being dressed up, leaving her with nostalgia for all things colorful, sweet, and girly. Hence her love for colors inspired her use of the vivid colors of macaroons, and she also has an insatiable passion for bows. 

Love and romanticism also play a significant role in Hua’s life, which reflects in the creativity behind her bags. As Cline describes it in her own words, “I have fallen in love, married, divorced, fallen in love again, and broken up. These emotions, ranging from the heights of love to the depths of despair, are reflected in my design. My dreams and life are connected.”

Therefore, each of Hua Cline’s designs represents her desire for color and creativity, borne from her childhood, love, and dreams. Through her artistic style, Hua Cline not only expresses herself but the growth process we all go through.

Milanblocks represent several important causes, including eco and animal-friendly materials. A lot of thought goes into the color combinations and designs to ensure the absence of unconscious bias. Furthermore, every thought and consideration goes into ensuring a workforce that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusiveness, including in their promotional events and social media. Finally, expect to see Milanblocks supporting LGBT events.

Last Word

Milanblocks comes from the combination of two meaningful words for Hua – blocks, representing the aesthetics of a beautiful life and the town of origin of her first art teacher, Milan. The creative force of life is attractive, and Hua knows how to reflect hope and love. Her bags convey the powerful message that no one should give up because of failure. She believes that we must all move on, and the most incredible power comes from pursuing our dreams. No one can say that Hua Cline does not practice what she believes! 

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