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Eminent Model Elizabeth Rage goes Viral as One Piece’s Nico Robin

Whether it’s My Hero Academia’s Camie, One Piece’s Nice Robin, or Prison School’s Meiko Shiraki, Elizabeth Rage Leaves Little to Be Desired

The global anime market is currently valued at just over USD $20.1 billion. It is expected to continue to increase at a CAGR of approximately 8.8% until 2027.

Albeit originally based in Japan, anime has undoubtedly become highly recognised all over the world in the last couple of decades- particularly in the western hemisphere. 

In fact, the industry’s market growth has been significantly driven by the growing fan bases that persist abroad, as well as a result of certain enlargements in relation to the available funding and commercial procedures that are followed in the actual film production.

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The aforementioned anime-culture entails a plethora of different dimensions at the moment- including developers, animators, collectors, publishers, and cosplayers, all of which have significantly contributed towards the prolific growth that the industry has consistently seen. 

The Japanese market has additionally experienced an astounding rise in distribution networks around the globe. Industry analysts have highlighted the importance of leading platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Crunchyroll in this regard- as they have greatly propelled the increased accessibility of the sector.

The live entertainment options available- particularly in the growing market of cosplaying, have  additionally significantly contributed towards the rise of the western anime culture. Los Angeles Comic Con, Anime Matsuri, and Unicorn Las Vegas- to name a few, are just a couple of the scheduled United States based events that are always booming. 

Having said that, it should be duly noted that internet distribution methods still remain the most lucrative and profitable for manga and anime distributors in Japan. 

In recent years, innovative cosplayers have begun to prolifically engage with the anime industry, adopting costumes from some of the biggest anime in the entire world. 

Elizabeth Rage’s Nice Robin, for example, is a stunning portrayal of one of the main characters of the best-selling manga series ‘’of all time’’ in 2019 (selling over 450 million copies). 

Elizabeth Rage: A Quick Overview

Elizabeth Rage is one of the biggest names in the cosplaying industry- having amassed a loyal following that exceeds 400,000 individuals.

Her most notable achievements include: developing and funding her very own Social Media Company- called Problematic Waifu, which as of 2021 has accumulated a six figure net worth, creating her own Content Records company which she selflessly uses to facilitate her friend’s recordings, and releasing the BBC hit called SDCC Fashion show.

She was also part of a very popular Youtube channel (that had over 1,000,000 subscribers) during her time in the Manhattan School of Music and in the New York University, where she regularly managed the costumes of all members independently- developing them herself. Before the channel was regretfully deleted, it released the viral hit known as ‘’Hipster Disney Princesses’’, which attracted millions of views in a very short time frame. 

Initially, Elizabeth Rage was cosplaying as a hobby- but her prolific success whilst dressing up as Hades in the 2015 Wondercon quickly changed that, and saw her segue away from her previous career in theatrical performance. 

Aside from Nico Robin, the popular model has also tailor-made costumes for My Hero Academia’s Camie and Dabi, Venusaur from Pokemon, and Meiko Shiraki from Prison School.

OnlyFans Growth: An Intimate Environment

For many fans, being able to talk to their favourite social media influencer on a regular basis is a distant dream; indubitably, the likelihood of a popular figure even seeing one’s message among the tens of thousands they get every day, is very low.

Elizabeth Rage reportedly always loved building and maintaining direct communication channels between herself and her loyal followers, but- on account of her thriving growth, this soon became rather impossible. 

‘’I really try to reach out to every person that tries to contact me, but it’s just extremely hard’’- Elizabeth Rage, Model and Social Media Influencer.

‘’OnlyFans allows me to communicate with my fans on a much more intimate and consistent level’’.

Of course, OnlyFans subscribers are also privy to a variety of exclusive photoshoots, most of which have been described as extraordinarily luscious. 

Conclusion: Other Hobbies?

In her free time, Elizabeth Rage has recently taken up a love for Professional Wrestling. She has since become the ringside manager of Italian Pro Wrestler Leon Chiro and intends to follow his bookings worldwide.

She is also very excited to announce that she will be releasing her first ever vocal EP by the end of the year featuring music from her favourite games and anime, as well as original songs by Rage herself.

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