Published On: Tue, May 12th, 2020

Ultimate Solution for Mail Migration

Today, e-correspondence is a fixture of modern life where almost every aspect is digitized. Despite the ubiquity of instant messages, mail clients remain indispensable for professional communication. There is a wide variety of programs for different operating systems and tastes. Sometimes, users are faced with the need to transition from one environment to another. This task is often challenging but still feasible.

Mail clients have desktop, mobile, and website-based versions. They also store data in their own specific formats, which are often incompatible. In many cases, the problem can be solved only with efficient email conversion software that should also be client-specific. There is no universal solution, even in theory.

Inevitable Clashes

For example, a shift from Mac Mail to Outlook is hampered by the conflict between the *.MBOX and *.PST extensions. The same applies to other source clients, as Outlook can only recognize data in its own format. This also explains why manual attempts are usually doomed. It is especially true for cross-platform migration.

The biggest drawback of such methods is that failure is very possible. As file extensions differ, the conversion is a mandatory step. This is when data may be lost or damaged, with zero guarantees of success. You could try transferring files from Mac Mail manually, but this requires four mail clients and hours of work. Why take the risk when all this time and effort may be wasted?

If mail transfer is attempted, this means the information in your mail has value. The only way to prevent inaccuracies and errors, and to avoid losing data for good, is through third-party tools. This is no secret for any technically savvy user.

Benefits of Automated Systems

Today, convenient and affordable migration software is not difficult to find. Moreover, products that require a one-time payment are used an unlimited number of times. This means transfers get cheaper and cheaper the longer you use the tool. And using it is as simple as 1-2-3. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

1. Quick and Effortless

Here, you delegate the task to an automated system. It is tailor-made for the sole purpose of moving your e-correspondence safely and fast. Thus, all the intermediate steps – i.e., extraction, conversion, importing, and saving – require no user participation. This can save you many precious hours.

2. Guaranteed Result

Unlike the lengthy and confusing manual paths, the transfer is simple and error-free. There is no need to worry about the accuracy of the outcome. All messages and attachments will land in their destinations intact. 

3. Smooth Navigation

Choose programs with the least complicated interface. The fewer buttons – the better. No checkboxes or other hurdles! The concise layout means even a newbie will achieve the goal quickly and easily. 

Keep Data Secure

Finally, automated software ensures data stays on your machine. Sensitive or confidential information may be leaked if invited experts tinker with the system. Delegate migration to licensed digital solutions if you want safety, accuracy, and speed.

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