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Virtual sports betting vs. Real sports betting – what are your chances

If you’re not really rooted in the sports betting world, you might want to assume that both the virtual and real sports betting are one and the same, with just a slight difference here and there. Well, logically speaking, you’re not too far from being right, but technically, they are two different betting markets entirely.

Although virtually all the bets you make on real sports betting can be replicated within the virtual space, the two betting markets are still unique in a number of ways. 

But that is not to say that they aren’t alike in so many ways too. In fact, they’re so much alike, so much so that they attract the same kind of audience. And one of the biggest questions on the lips of their audiences is “How to decide between the two types of sports betting.”

If you’ve also been wondering which is best to wager your money on, then you might want to check out the following facts about real and virtual sports betting.

Real sports betting

The Pros

Punters have the chance to decide their fate to a certain degree

Due to the fact that real sports betting is based on the actions and activities of real-life sporting events, punters have the ability to conduct a little research and decide their own fate. While this research doesn’t automatically guarantee a winning, it does place a punter in a position where they can at least decide their own fate. With an extensive research, punters can know more about the competing teams, players, history, likelihood of either of the teams winning, form guide, amongst other things. With this sort of information, a punter can make a guided bet. 

For instance, if you’re a regular sports bettor, then you should know that it is important to first research a team before placing your bet on them. Because you never can tell, the team tagged the favorite might have a bad history playing that particular opponent or a lingering injury crisis, all of which might hamper its performance level.

Additionally, real-life sports betting also offers players a multiplicity of options when it comes to markets to bet on. In fact, many sites now, like the agen bola sbobet, offer punters the ability to build their own bets up using selections from a number of markets so that they can bet on exactly they want.

The Cons

On the downside, real-life sports betting is just too difficult to win every time. No matter how good you are or how extended your research goes, the fact remains that you’re always going to lose more than you’ll win in real-life sports betting. Due to the inherently unpredictable nature of most major sports, you’re never going to completely right every time you pick a team to win or back an event to happen.

Another straw that breaks the camel’s back in the case of real-life sports betting is the pain of waiting for certain events. Since real-life sporting events are played by real humans, it means that there wouldn’t be games to bet in every day. For example, say you place an accumulator bet on the NBA this week, you might need to wait a few more days or even till the next weekend before you can place other bets. 

Of course, some people might argue that there are other sports you can bet on even if your favorite sport is on break or not holding any event on the day. But sports betting isn’t just like other forms of gambling. You can and should only bet on sports that you fancy and understand because each sport requires its own level of expertise. 

Virtual sports betting

The Pros

Oh, virtuals! One of the biggest advantages of gambling on virtual sports betting is the availability of games to bet on 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365-days a year. 

But that’s not the only thing that makes virtuals such an exciting betting ground. Punters can also enjoy betting for micro-stakes or much higher value bets on virtual sports too. And just like its real-life counterpart, virtual sports betting also has a lot of markets for players to bet on, so options aren’t a problem. 

Furthermore, virtual sports betting frees you of the task of researching. With all the teams and individuals competing randomly generated, there is no previous history to look at, no statistics to peruse, and no form guide to bank on. All you have to do is pick which selection interests you the most, back it, and hope that Lady Luck smiles at you. 

A much better gambling comparison for virtuals would be Slots. The two gambling options have a lot of similar features. 

Virtually sports betting

The Cons

Unfortunately, the absence of research means that you’re completely at the mercy of the virtual sports bookmaker. So if you’re looking to gamble on a game with a lower house or bookies edge, then virtual sports betting might be a wrong option for you. Also, the odds available on virtual sports betting tend to be more varied than some real-life sports events. There’s also the fact that virtual sports betting doesn’t belong to any league, competition, or context, other than the games being played. Now, the impact of this is that punters cannot tell the strengths or weaknesses or teams before wagering on them, meaning that they cannot control their own fate. 


It is clearly evident that both types of sports betting have so much going for them. However, if you’re really looking to win more often, then you might want to stick with gambling on real-life sports betting, at least there you can research and make a guided decision. Once you decide to stake on real-life sports bets, you can check out the website; there you’ll find your online gambling agent to register and play with. 

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