Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

Vacationing in Tulum, Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular destination for Americans looking for a cheap summer vacation, and with good reason. With the current exchange rates (around 18.50 MXN to 1 USD), you can buy a Big Mac for approximately $2.50, almost half of the average price of one on the north-side of the border.


It’s no wonder that so many millions of Americans cross the border each year! If you’re thinking of joining them, or even if you’re a regular visitor to our southern neighbor and are looking for a cheap destination for your vacation, then Tulum may be the place for you.


Since one of US tourist’s most significant concerns with Mexico is the safety factor, we can reassure you that Tulum is safe for you and your family to visit and doesn’t suffer from any known gang violence or an above-average crime rate.


Why Visit Tulum?

Ranked as the 2nd best place to visit in Mexico, Tulum has a lot to offer. It consists of the site of the ancient city, the “pueblo” (town), the hotel zone, and the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, making it a destination with something to please most tourists.


The main tourist attraction is the archaeological site of the ancient royal walled city of Tulum, which brings in millions of visitors every year. It’s the 3rd most visited archeological site in Mexico, surpassed only by Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza in this respect.


The Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is a UNESCO world heritage site and most certainly worth a visit during your stay. Consider an Eco Tour of the sanctuary for a truly unique and memorable experience if you’re looking for a wild trip!


The reserve is a hugely diverse natural area that houses hundreds of different species and covers an area that’s about twice the size of Rhode Island.


If neither of those is for you, or you’re still looking for more to do, you might be interested in a day trip to mix it up a little in one of the surrounding areas.



The closest airport to Tulum is in Cancun, and it’s roughly 45-minutes to 1-hour by road to get there. If you use Skyscanner, you’ll be paying approximately $350-$400 per person for an economy-class seat from Miami International Airport in May if you book soon.


Air travel is a volatile market; however, and prices are known to fluctuate due to a multitude of factors. In most cases, the earlier you book, the better.


Where to Stay

There are plenty of hotels, apartments, and villas to rent in Tulum. A hotel with two double beds can be found for around $800 for 14 nights, but if you have some spare cash to throw around, you might want to check out a beautiful villa for your stay.


Alternatively, for the true budget traveler, a hostel is always an option.

Visit Tulum During Your Next Vacation

We hope this article has helped you if you’re thinking about visiting Tulum and wish you the best of luck in organizing your summer vacation!


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