Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

A Look at Legalised Gambling in Indiana

For sports fans in Indiana, September 1, 2019, was a hugely important date in history. That is the date when legalised sports betting was allowed in the state, so those who fancied a wager on sports could now do so in a safe and legal manner. We have seen a number of states legalise gambling, with Indiana joining in and it is expected that more states will do so in 2020

It was back on May 8, 2019, when the bill was signed into law that legalised sports betting in Indiana. This made it the 10th US state to offer legalised sports betting to those inside, and since then a total of 14 licenses have been given out, 11 to casinos and three to off-track betting parlours so that they can operate in the state. 

Where Can I Place a Bet in Indiana? 


The license for sports betting in Indiana permits both retail Sportsbooks and online operators to offer their services to players who are within the state boundaries. There are currently eight locations where you can place a bet and a further six that hold temporary licenses which allow them to offer sports betting during selected dates and times. The Gamble Indiana website has a full list of the open Sportsbooks in Indiana so you know where you can bet, while also showing which online operators are available for those who wish to bet online at home. 

Will Sports Betting in Indiana be a Success? 


This is to be determined in the future, but it is important to note how things have been set up in Indiana, which is very positive. They have decided to follow the model that New Jersey has in place which has proven to be very successful. This means a combination of retail sports betting operators and online and mobile operators are in place for sports bettors who are looking to get their bets on for the next events taking place. 

Mobile betting seems to be the key to this, it is allowed in New Jersey and also permitted in Indiana. This gives punters the flexibility to place sports bets anywhere in the state, without even having to leave the house. It is this kind of service that many countries around the world offer their players, and it seems that this will be key to Indiana being a success as even though people are new to sports betting, they already know what they want. 

What Sports Can I Bet on in Indiana? 


The sports betting license in Indiana covers almost every sport, with just two exceptions on the license meaning that those wishing to place wagers have a great list of events available to them. There are two exceptions, these are eSports and sports that have competitors who are under the age of 18. 

Other than this, you can bet on anything you like from local teams such as the Indiana Pacers to the big European football games taking place in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and many more. The combination of the home leagues being covered such as the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB alongside worldwide events means that those who wish to place sports bets in Indiana have exactly the same opportunities as many other people around the world. 

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