Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

South Florida Tech Companies Pondering New Microsoft Open-Source Kubernetes Projects

With the Microsoft announcement of new open source projects; Dapr and Open Application Model (OAM), tech companies in South Florida are awaiting in anticipation. Dapr is projected to simplify complex microservices builds while OAM aims to help developers define resources via the applications that run using Kubernetes.

What is Kubernetes exactly, and how does it relate to the new Microsoft projects?

Kubernetes is a portable open-source platform that allows DevOps teams to manage containerized processes and services. And it has a vast, and rising ecosystem. There are also repositories for Kubernetes, also known as Helm Kubernetes developers and tech companies can use to streamline development projects and strengthen development environments.


For instance, OAM, one of the new open-source Microsoft projects provides a solution for developers and operations teams daily issues. Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure’s CTO, noted that the new open-source projects will make Kubernetes objects and charts known to one another after deployment. “We need a first-class application concept in a Kubernetes cluster,” Russinovich told media outlets.

OAM explained further . . . 

What is OAM? It is essentially a YAML file that can be used and deployed within a marketplace. However, with OAM developers can easily collaborate with operations in order for them to deploy specifications without the need for developer interaction. This can speed up development and operations processes significantly. This will also allow easier access to Kubernetes for tech companies and their DevOps teams. 


And all this is in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, along with a few other companies. The OAM project comes out of a direct need to simplify very useful development and operations tools, like Kubernetes. Essentially, the new Microsoft projects came out of complete necessity. And in time, it will all be open-source. But for now, Alibaba Cloud will release a managed service that is similar to OAM.


OAM definitely bridges the gap for many developers and the problems they face daily. However, the other open-source Microsoft project, Dapr, may be even more innovative, essentially making microservices and cloud native development very accessible to tech companies. And this is what tech companies in South Florida, and nationally, are very excited about.

Innovation for tech companies via Dapr

What is Dapr exactly? Dapr is an event-driven runtime that allows developers to build strong, microservice applications that can run on cloud and edge. Basically, without the tech jargon, Dapr aims to give developers a tool that helps them write apps in a very easy way. Instead of developers responding to triggers, they can instead bypass the communication needed between the microservices. 


There is no SDK needed with Dapr in place. It will be an open-source tool that serves up services via gRPC endpoint, or HTTP. This keeps the code separate from the overall Dapr code. It is an independent language developers can write in without difficulties. Dapr may be the tool that gives building blocks that set the tone for best practices for DevOps teams in tech companies.

This is all perfect timing

This all comes on the heels of a major tech company working a deal to call Boca Raton home. Could it be Microsoft? The tech company in talks with the Palm Beach County Commission is looking to invest  over $1.35 million with an over $55 million economic impact. 


According to the Sun Sentinel article on the announcement of the unknown tech company potentially coming to Boca Raton, “County commissioners are scheduled to consider an economic incentives package for the company that includes $210,000 in tax refunds and cash, including $168,000 from the state and $42,000 from county and city government.”


There is certainly no shortage of tech companies in South Florida that can benefit from Microsoft’s new open-source projects. In fact, the Kauffman Foundation has ranked Miami the top U.S. city for startups. That’s a pretty big ranking, considering San Francisco and Seattle have been known widely for their startup prowess.


The Miami-Dade Beacon Council noted that between 2012 and 2017, tech jobs boomed, increasing by 40 percent. And the rise in tech jobs in South Florida shows no sign in slowing. Tech has an 11 percent growth estimated in just three short years.

In Conclusion . . . 

There’s a lot of tech buzz in South Florida and Boca Raton specifically. With new innovative DevOps tools being developed by Microsoft, more tech companies can take their operations to an enterprise level. And Kubernetes can be accessible to more developers and operations teams. Is your tech company using the most innovative tools? We want to hear from you.


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