Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2013

Boca Raton Tribune’s Ethics Guidelines for Employees

Credibility is the franchise of journalism. People must be able to trust the Boca Raton Tribune. That requires a commitment to high ethical standards. We are all expected to be alert to situations that could diminish the Boca Raton Tribune’s reputation or integrity, or could be perceived as doing so.

Our overall guiding force is honest conduct. We would never engage in activities that could lessen our value as Boca Raton Tribune employees, harm our ability to do our jobs impartially or damage the newspaper’s credibility. The appearance of a conflict of interest can be as much a concern as an actual conflict.

This Editorial Code of Ethics for the Boca Raton Tribune can help to safeguard our credibility. It applies to all Editorial staff members, including those in administrative or clerical roles. By following its guidelines and openly discussing ethical issues as they emerge, each of us can take responsibility for protecting the Tribune’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source of information.


The Boca Raton Tribune Code of Ethics

1.      Maintain their independence.

2.      Uphold the freedom of expression, the unfettered operation of the press and the free exercise of profession.

3.      Determine and publish the true facts of public interest, not admitting that they prevail over any interests.

4.      Defend the rights of the human being, the values of representative democracy and free enterprise.

5.      Ensure access for our readers to different versions of the facts and the various trends of opinion in society.

6.      To ensure publication of rebuttals objective of accused persons or organizations in its pages, the unlawful acts or misconduct.

7.      Preserve the confidentiality of our sources.

8.      Respect the right of every individual to privacy, unless when these rights are obstacle to information of public interest.

9.      Differentiate, in identifiable form for readers, editorial material and advertising material.

10.   Correct errors that have been committed in our editions.


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