Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Bubbleology – Europe’s Leading Bubble Tea Brand Comes to Boca Raton!

Grand Opening is on Saturday April 6th

Boca Raton, FL – Bubbleology was founded in April 2011, in the heart of trend-setting Soho in London, and today is a leading bubble tea brand with multiple stores across Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

In addition to a variety of milk and fruit teas and create-your-own brews, Bubbleology also serves coffee varieties, skinny drinks, blended options, and allows customers to mix flavours. Bubbleology bubble teas are freshly made to order with organic tea leaves and can be customised to the individual’s taste, and are 100% vegetarian.

Bubbleology launched its recent menu with a refreshed “specials” product line including new flavours and textures. Nadia Ali, Bubbleology’s Head of Marketing says “As well as leading on bubble tea innovation in bringing molecular mixology to our fan base, our drinks are presented to be Instagram worthy! We are excited to be bringing this teavolution experience to Boca”.

Fans of Bubbleology are eager to taste the new Cream Crown range in which delicious soft cheese, dairy cream, organic milk and Himalayan rock salt are blended together to create a creamy topping which is then carefully poured over the Bubbleology tea like a crown, which can be gently sipped or shaken and blended with the rest of the drink for an ultra creamier taste. Other new specials include the “Bobatella” – Nutella Bubble Tea, Nojito, made with pure coconut water and lychee with mint, Pink Teddy and the Blue Electric Yuzu which fans are talking about on Facebook and Instagram.

Bubbleology has also recently launched its premium “Bubble Waffle” product line as an additional offering to its bubble tea products. Bubble Waffles are the latest food craze within the grab ‘n go treat category. Originated as a street snack from Hong Kong as a way of using up broken eggs that would otherwise be wasted, it is mixed with milk and flour and freshly cooked to order, to a light crisp on the outside and still squidgy in the middle bubble waffle.

Once cooked, the waffles are filled with any number of combination flavours and toppings. The options are to choose a waffle flavor base made with Vanilla, Chocolate or Matcha, then a delicious serving of gelato in 6 different flavor options, followed by a dry or fresh fruit topping of your choice, and finally a delicious sauce to top it off. Bubbleology has 6 suggested “Specials” on its menu for fans to try – “Summer Crunch”, “Nutty Professor”, “Banoffee Pie”, “Matcha-Do-About Nuttin” “Lemonberry”and “Fudgealicious” – This is then served in a cone to hold and enjoy.

Bubbleology offers an experience totally different to other bubble tea stores and prides itself on being a vibrant lifestyle brand.

About Bubbleology

  • Bubbleology tea bars serve fruit and milk teas brewed fresh, shaken over ice like a cocktail and customised with treats and toppings.
  • The international expansion of the eight-year-old British brand, which began in Europe, continued with successful entry into the US and the Middle East.
  • Bubbleology serves a choice of Milk teas, Fruit teas, Coffee varities, Specials, and Cream Crowns.
  • Bubbleology serves several combinations of made to order Bubble Waffles with fresh toppings and premium gelato.
  • Bubbleology can also deliver up to 25 drinks with its local delivery partners which Boca Raton residents can soon take advantage of from the comfort of their home or work place.
  • Bubbleology also caters for private and corporate events, bringing their pop up bar to birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Previous corporate events have included Google, Facebook, Bloomingdales, Estee Lauder and The Pokemon Company amongst many others.

Boca Raton Store Location:

The Shops at University Park

141 NW 20th Street, Unit B-9, Boca Raton, FL 33431


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