Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

Fitness. This is My Year!

Alan Ataman, Director of Total Health Immersion Program

By: Alan Ataman

Welcome, 2018!

This is my year where I’m going to exercise and put myself first. I’m talking Weights, Jogging, Kettlebells, Pushups, Stretching, and Classes. Going to get some new gym clothes, some protein as well, and really check in the fitness game this year!

I said it last year, I know, but this year, things have changed! Of course things have. Everything has! But, what really changed? Each day still comes, there are still 24 hours in each day, we still have our bodies, and those lucky enough to have its full abilities, why not go out and have fun with it?

You’ve run before right? However, you have not run in a while. Totally understandable.

Although, your body has not forgotten how to run. It has just been awhile.

Remember how you used to feel after running? The huffing and puffing, the sweating, the grasping for air, the adrenaline rush for whatever reason it was for you running. Maybe it was playing a sport, or your Sunday morning run. Maybe you were playing hide-n-seek in the streets, or it was raining outside and you had to get to the car, or you were playing with your new puppy at the dog park. Whatever it was, the feeling afterward just felt right, like our bodies knew it just accomplished something, something fulfilling.

And you know what, it did.

Now, imagine actually doing it, along with the other forms of exercise and cardio, more frequently and longer. Can you imagine those benefits? The benefits it would have on the body mentally, physically, and to some, emotionally.

Exercising can be a hobby, something we enjoy doing and something to have fun with it. Something we give an hour, or 4%, of our day to for a short getaway from life and to just let loose and find ourselves.

Others do it competitively, onstage, against others, for extrinsic rewards because of their competitive nature. No harm in that.

For the unfortunate, exercising becomes something we have to do to keep the longevity of our lives alive because our doctors “recommend” it to us but really, what they are really telling us is that we better have started yesterday. Losing weight, a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, strengthen of the bones, lower blood pressure, prevention of diabetes, and more are all things that can happen when getting at least 150 mins of exercise per week. Exercise can be a beautiful thing!

But you know what exercise is really really good at? Preventing the number one cause of death in the world from happening to us.

Cardiovascular Disease.

The disease has killed over 633,000 Americans, or one out of four deaths in 2015, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 35 percent of Americans are obese and it’s been on the rise each of the past 40 years.

But have no fear, 2018 is the perfect time to turn that all around and it’s just a few weeks away. Let’s take control of our lives. We only get one and if we do it right, it can be plenty.

Whether you decide to do it for the adrenaline rush, or for your newest hobby, maybe because you finally want to go after that body you’ve always wanted, or your doctor finally “recommending” it to you. Whatever the reason is, do it for the fun that comes with it. Smile, enjoy, it’s going be a fun ride.

Happy 2018 everyone!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour”

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