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Aloha House Palm Beach Changing Lives Surfside

Men and Women’s Sober Living Homes Offering a Loving Community Free From Addiction

According to the  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida showed an 8.2% increase in drug-related overdoses leading to death from 2020-2021. Preliminary 2022 CDC data showed a 2.8% decrease in Florida overdose deaths from 2021 to 2022, with data reported in August of 2023 that Florida had a 4% year-over-year decrease in drug-related deaths. 

These decreases may very well be-at least in part, a reflection of the work of reputable recovery programs and FARR certified sober houses such as Aloha House of the Palm Beaches.

In the balmy breezes of West Palm Beach, where the sun kisses the ocean and the waves welcome the surfers, a representation of hope and transformation is known as Aloha House

“Aloha,” a term rich with the essence of love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy, extends far beyond a mere greeting. 

The Journey from Addiction to Freedom

At Aloha House, it signifies a profound journey from the depths of addiction towards the path of recovery, embodying the warmth and inclusivity of a loving sober community in the heart of Florida.

The foundation of the Aloha House was birthed from the lived experiences and heartfelt mission of David and Jessica Leavins. 

Their own journey to sobriety, interwoven with struggles and personal transformation, inspired them to offer back to the community “what had so freely been given to us—a chance to start anew.”

Jessica Leavins The Owner Shares Her Personal Journey

Jessica Leavins, originally from the surfing paradise of Ocean City, NJ, found herself at a crossroads in 2009. Battling the tumultuous waves of addiction, she began a quest for sobriety that led her to the shores of South Florida.

 “The AA community and the recovery that I uncovered in South Florida was unparalleled,” Jessica recalls. “It truly changed the trajectory of my life.” 

South Florida wasn’t just a backdrop for her sobriety; it became the foundation upon which she rebuilt her life, discovering hope, faith, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Meeting David, a Palm Beach native, added another chapter to Jessica’s story. Together, they navigated the waters of recovery, eventually creating a family of seven and founding the Aloha community. 

The Aloha House Community Offers Hope for the Hurting

This community, initially a single location offering hope, has flourished into an expansive network of 4 Men’s Houses and 5 Women’s Houses, all bearing the FARR Certification mark of excellence in sober living.

“Aloha House encourages long-term stays!” Jessica emphasizes. When we drink for multiple years, sometimes a month or two in a supportive community is not long enough! Stop the stigma that sober living is a short-term stepping stone instead of a longer-term commitment that’s going to build real foundation and full spectrum health and wellness!” 

The acknowledgment that healing from years of substance abuse requires time, patience, and continuous support is pivotal to the Aloha House ethos.

The structure, accountability, love, and support offered at Aloha House are pillars that support individuals in their quest for sobriety. But it’s the creation of a rich sober community that truly sets them apart. 

This community offers a sanctuary where residents are encouraged to embrace the 12 steps of recovery. It fosters an environment where growth, healing, and transformation are possible and celebrated.

The Aloha House is a New Movement

Aloha House’s impact extends far beyond its physical locations. It’s a movement, a philosophy, and an extended family that grows continually, bound by the shared goal of recovery and renewal. 

As the Aloha community expands, so does the light of hope it represents, illuminating the path for countless individuals seeking freedom from addiction. 

In the beautiful backdrop of the Palm Beaches, Aloha House is a place for recovery where the Aloha spirit thrives, changing lives surfside, one day at a time.

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