Take the L.E.A.P. into Leadership Development with Sandler’s Premiere Training Program for Executive & Management Teams: Unleashing New Breakthroughs for your Organization’s Profits, Purpose, and People

(BOCA RATON — February 5, 2024 —) In just two short weeks, Raise Your Revenue by Sandler is launching its Leadership & Executive Accelerator Program, otherwise known as L.E.A.P. This 12-week program helps companies raise the bar in organizational performance and business development by prioritizing the continued development of their leadership and management teams.

L.E.A.P. is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their productivity, reduce turnover costs, and increase overall efficiency.

The numbers tell an even better story: For every year a company delays leadership development, it costs 7% of their total annual sales. In fact, organizations are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable when they offer training to engaged leaders and managers.

Over the course of 12 weeks, leaders and managers will learn how to communicate more intentionally, manage change more cohesively, and instill a results-oriented leadership culture in their organization.

Additionally, participants can expect these six outcomes from attending Sandler’s Leadership & Executive Accelerator Program:

  1. More Strategic, Decisive Leaders
  2. Cohesive & Effective Teams
  3. Increased Employee Retention
  4. Pipeline of Future Leaders
  5. Higher Levels of E.Q. & Awareness
  6. Better Adaptability to Change

Raise Your Revenue by Sandler is proud to offer an $800 discount to members of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, as well as to any companies referred by a Boca Chamber member. The program is capped at 10 participants, to ensure an optimal learning environment for everyone.

The Leadership & Executive Accelerator Program begins the week of February 19th. Make sure to contact Richard Crooke, CEO of Raise Your Revenue, at (954) 304-4984 or Richard.Crooke@sandler.com ASAP for more information on enrollment.

Take the LE.A.P. into more profits and purpose by prioritizing your people development efforts. You owe it to yourself, your team, and your prosperous future.

About Raise Your Revenue by Sandler: We raise the bar in leadership excellence and team performance by training and coaching executives, managers, and salespeople on their unique development goals. Learn more by visiting our website: https://www.raiseyourrevenue.sandler.com/

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