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Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2023

“La Mujer y sus Ataduras”

With the play “La Mujer y sus Ataduras”, Mirna C. González graduates the students of the second level of the Experimental Acting Workshop (Taller Experimental de Actuación) of the Insight Theater Company (Compañía Teatro Insight)

Delrary Beach, FL – The writer and actress Mirna C. González presents on stage for the first time the play La Mujer y sus Ataduras, created especially to graduate her students from the Experimental Acting Workshop of the Insight Theater Company, which began its school in October 2022.

On Sunday, September 10, at the Delray Civic Center, theater lovers will be able to enjoy a unique staging as part of the learning process of the students who are completing the second level of the Experimental Acting Workshop – TEXA. Mirna C. González created these experimental learning spaces for adolescents and adults who are interested in experiencing the performing arts as a means of self-awareness, expression, and personal development to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. The workshop consists of three levels and is given in Boca Raton. You can get more information on their website

THE WOMAN will be in the staging as the protagonist who enters self-awareness and contemplates each one of her mental ties. These ties stop her every time she decides to fulfill her dreams. It is a constant battle and for this reason she decides not to fight anymore, but to flow with them. THE WOMAN wonders if what she lives, what she hears and what she feels is real or mental. In her introspection, she gets lost between reality and the fantasies of her own ties that possess her. The cast is composed by: Cristina Chinchilla as THE WOMAN, Fedalis Rodríguez as THE FEARFUL, Leonor Martín as THE PROCRASTINATOR, María José Angarita as THE SELF-SUFFICIENT, Jennifer Rojas as THE PERFECTIONIST, Alexandra Craft as THE AGE, Adriana Gómez as THE VICTIM, Gabriela Idrogo as LOW SELF-ESTEEM and Sylvia Anhalzer as THE MOTHER.

Tickets can be purchased at or on the day of the event at the South County Civic 16700 Jog Rd Delray Beach FL 33446.

To learn more about the founder of Teatro Insight and creator of #InsightComedy Mirna C. González, we invite you to visit her website and follow her networks through @mirnagonzalez.oficial on Instagram.

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