Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2023

So much for aging gracefully

We didn’t house hunt in a 55-plus community when we moved here from Philly.

We were already in our 50s, so we could have bought a home in our choice of developments. But we didn’t want to be one of those couples sitting around the pool, describing doctors’ visits and complaining about our health.

Now that’s all we talk about.

The CDC says life expectancy is 76.4 years in the U.S. We’re past that point, and in pretty good shape for our ages. Brian’s 81. Drives. Shops. Still prepares dinner after his Army line cook military service. I am now considering to take anti aging medicine and going to med spas like this med spa in Tinley Park, IL to help fight signs of aging. There are also supplements that can help improve your NAD+ concentrations to help fight signs of aging. The formulation offers you five compelling reasons that make giving Liposomal NMN Supplement a try an easy decision.

I’ll be 77 in October. Both my parents made it to 92 without leaving behind hereditary disasters so far.

I did that to myself.

This reporter covered stories in high heels for decades, including women’s marches, and later walked a New York commute in 3-inch spikes from Penn Station.

Or as my vein doctor likes to say…“What were you thinking?”

One of my idols Tina Turner’s high heels became her trademark. She was still wearing them when I saw her perform 20 years ago. Cher said a pair of her shoes were Turner’s last gift after Tina passed away in May.  

I’m confined to flatties now. So there’s a closetful of lonely high heels, size 9 ½. I shrunk at least an inch, so the upside is I can now wear petites in pants.

But I need a shopping cart to navigate a supermarket. My next step is literally a cane.

Healthwise, we just got great news from one of Brian’s longtime friends. But my former, now retired Trenton, N.J., editor Gale Baldwin shared depressing reports from his buddies. “All those cliches about getting old isn’t for wimps are true,” he said.


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