Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2023

Skin is in

By: Marci Shatzman

Just when I can’t even wear sleeveless anymore, skin is in.

Ads flaunt flawless behinds in thong bathing suits, meant to motivate women to avoid the inevitable derriere droop with plastic surgery.

Just when I’m more concerned with my neck caving in.  

Remember when decolletage was taboo for women who wanted to be taken seriously. Especially on TV. An anchor woman was comfortable showing cleavage on her recent network gig.

I hate wearing boleros to cover my sagging upper arms. Now I have a wardrobe of them. In every color. I’m even relegated to ¾ sleeves on tee-shirts. Who wants to wear sleeves in South Florida when our summers top 90 degrees?

Not to mention fashion trends. Strapless used to be sexy. If you like to keep up with the latest trends now, try buying a dress that’s not backless, off-the-shoulders or doesn’t have peek-a-boo sides or thigh high slits.

Jennifer Lopez and Cher were famous for wearing see-through outfits when they were young. They’re still doing it, proof that showing skin is ageless, especially if you’re gorgeous and can keep it up…literally. JLo’s gown at The Met Gala had a barely there bodice. She’ll be 54 on July 24. Salma Hayek was boobalicous on the red carpet at the Oscars. She’ll be 57 Sept. 2.

Let’s face it ladies, now less is more and showing everything is in. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” is the new mantra. Especially on the beach.

Forget bikinis. Thong bathing suits barely cover anything. Remember when showing your butt was considered unacceptable in polite society? Now they’re hanging out for all the world to see.

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