Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2023

Violent Night in Boynton Beach: Man Shot Following Earlier Shooting, Police Launch Investigation

According to authorities, a man was shot on Wednesday evening in Boynton Beach, following an earlier shooting that injured three individuals two miles away earlier in the day.

The most recent incident took place at 3035 East Palm Drive, shortly after 5 p.m.

Law enforcement is actively searching for two individuals believed to be connected to the shooting.

Police have reported that the man sustained life-threatening injuries.

Jane Archer, who was present next door when the shooting occurred, expressed her shock at the severity of the victim’s injuries. In an interview with WSPTV’s Joel Lopez, she stated, “They’ll eventually be apprehended. It would probably be in their best interest to come forward.”

Photo by: Caleb Holder/WPTV

Archer mentioned that she knew the man who was shot and described him as someone who didn’t exhibit any troubling behavior. She remarked, “He never seemed like a troublemaker or anything, no loud parties or anything. I’ve seen a few friends come over occasionally, but I never witnessed him engaging in any altercations. Then, a few months ago, there was a drive-by incident, which was highly unusual.”

As Boynton Beach police searched for the suspect, they advised residents in the area to remain indoors.

Ferdinand Lebron, speaking to WPTV about his parents who live a few houses away from the shooting, commented, “They won’t be leaving their house. They are staying indoors.”

Upon hearing about the shooting, Lebron promptly checked on his elderly parents. He expressed surprise at the incident, noting that children typically played in the vicinity. Lebron mentioned that his parents had surveillance cameras installed throughout their house, and he planned to monitor their well-being throughout the night.

“I hope they apprehend someone. Nobody deserves to be shot, regardless of their actions,” stated Lebron.

These two shootings on Wednesday follow a previous incident on Sunday night, where a teenager was fatally shot during a confrontation between two groups in Boynton Beach.

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