Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2023

Alicia Keys dazzles at FLA Arena in Sunrise, FL on June 28th, 2023 with performance by singer Libianca

Alicia Keys lit up the FLA Arena on Wednesday night with a smashing performance to a sold out venue during the first stop of her new tour, “Keys To The Summer”. The much anticipated show was filled with a display of colors, special effects, and a 360-degree stage set up that ran from one end of the arena to the other, giving fans a rich visual experience for the senses.

Alicia kicked off the performance with a crispy and powerful delivery of “Fallin”, the song that won her first Grammy Award as “Song of the Year” in 2002. Her distinctive voice filled the arena, accompanied by a top-quality acoustic experience, instantly bringing the audience to raise their phones up in the air and capture the moment.

Keys appears to be in top form, which was evident while executing harmonious dance movements during the performance of “Un-thinkable”, using the catwalk as her stage. It was indeed beautiful to watch.

Large screens suspended from the venue’s ceiling added to the visual experience, filling the room with video clips in black and white and color abstract visuals.

For the performance of “Underdog”, Alicia, accompanied by her backing vocalist and guitarist, took to the catwalk with synchronized rhythm, which scored a winning reaction from the audience. Of course, as expected, the highlight of the show came with the performance of “Empire State of Mind”, one of Alicia’s most popular hits.

The show was filled with many dance routines and interactive performances among band members, as well as Alicia’s colorful and unique fashions that provided a perfect complement to the show.

As an added visual, steps were set up at the end of the runway where Alicia seemed to fully enjoy her performance experience. It felt as if the crowd was watching the making of an orchestrated music video.

As South Florida has a few eclectic and well-known cities, Alicia was curious as to where the crowd had come from, asking them, “I know we are in South Florida, but I need to know. Is Fort Lauderdale in the building?” She paused for a reaction and then continued, ”Is West Palm in the building?” And finally, she asked, “Is Miami in the building?”, which received the loudest response.

The crowd was totally engaged from beginning to end. The only critical element from an audience prospective was the extension of the catwalk portion of the stage, which was too long and not ideal for the audience members who were seated on the opposite end of the catwalk during performances. The extension could have been shorter and just as effective.

Alicia is not only a singer, pianist, and songwriter, she is also an actress, producer, author, and a powerful force in the world of activism. She continues to be an inspiration to many while achieving success in multiple fields. Her passion, creativity, and talent continues to make her a role model to others. Proving she’s a consummate entertainer, this tour is one not to be missed.

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