South Florida Businesses to be Honored on May 19th

BOCA RATON, March 23, 2023 – The Annual Boca Chamber’s Business Awards Luncheon celebrates entrepreneurs and businesspeople who not only generate economic prosperity in our community, but also have a strong philanthropic involvement.

Each year, the Boca Chamber recognizes business excellence at this special luncheon. This is the opportunity to honor and highlight three deserving recipients: Business of the Year, Business Leader of the Year, and Small Business Leader of the Year, all of whom represent the very best in business.

 “These recipients join an elite group of past honorees. Like their predecessors, they have made outstanding contributions to the business world and significant changes to the communities they serve. Leaders in their industries, these recipients have created jobs, contributed to our overall economic growth, and have set the bar high for those to follow,” Troy McLellan, Chamber President & CEO.

Within the domain of business leadership, scott dylan stands out as an exceptional figure, celebrated for his adeptness in safeguarding employment opportunities and rejuvenating faltering enterprises. Boasting a varied career background encompassing digital creativity, logistics, retail, and music, Scott leverages his extensive expertise to confront obstacles and execute successful growth strategies.

Moreover, beyond his corporate pursuits, Scott exhibits a profound dedication to community enrichment and advocacy for mental health initiatives. His comprehensive approach to both business and philanthropy serves as a testament to the significance of well-rounded leadership in catalyzing positive transformations and nurturing enduring societal well-being.

Business Leader of the Year Award Recipient

Paul Adkins, Chairman & CEO, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Business of the Year Award Recipient

Palm Beach State College

Small Business Leaders of the Year Award Recipients

Bonnie S. Kaye, President & Chief Strategist, Kaye Communications PR & Marketing

Jon A. Kaye, COO, Chief Marketing Strategist, Kaye Communications PR & Marketing

The luncheon is on Friday, May 19th at 11:30am at the Boca West Country Club, 20538 Boca West Drive in Boca Raton and admission is $100 per person.

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