Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2022


Co-written by Samir Keedi

We’ve seen a bad world. Throughout history we have seen periods of incredible violence and an absolutely uncertain future. Of the one who thought what a future humanity would have. In which tens of millions of people were killed by biased ideologies. Millions killed by unacceptable and useless wars, by psychopaths and greedy for power.

But, the current one seems to be incredibly bad, especially for the current blindness that doesn’t see anything. Oops, our mistake, they really see it, but only what you want, and for ulterior motives

And, in Brazil, especially in the world with regard to Brazil, it seems that we have reached rock bottom. As for the Amazon, the bottom of the well has gone. Another worldwide scandal in the face of two deaths in the Amazon. A continent the size or larger than Europe. More than 40,000 people are murdered in Brazil each year today. Until a few years ago, there were more than 60,000 people a year. In Rio de Janeiro, the humanitarian disaster is overwhelming. None of these lives matter? Just the ones that happened now in the Amazon? Regrettably, of course, but just them? All lives matter, and a lot. All! But, is it necessary to select to attack?

But, of course, the Amazon is the one that is used to bring down the giant, and that, if left free, would be the best country in the world. Of all time. But does it matter? Of course.

Especially taking advantage of two deaths in the Amazon at a crucial moment for the country. In which the culprit is, personally, the president of the republic. As if it were possible for him to avoid that, or to put a policeman next to every inhabitant of the Amazon, in a closed forest. Just like across the country. Does anyone in the world do this? Do we have 4 billion police officers protecting the remaining 4 billion?

Did the death of Dorothy Stang, the 73-year-old missionary, who was murdered in 2005, matter? Did they blame the government and the president of the occasion? That everyone knows who he is, and who would later destroy the country almost irrevocably, destroying the future of Brazil and its youth. Does her murder not matter? No one will quote and compare?

Let’s get to the facts. In Rio de Janeiro the police are prevented from acting. And prevented by whom? Yes, by the Supreme Court. Why? No explanations needed. Everyone knows who the components are and by whom they were appointed.

For 0.5% of the indigenous population in Brazil, we have 14% of the territory demarcated for them. Something on our part against the indigenous people? No, we have to respect them, but only the observation of inconsistency. If it is to be valued to the fullest, let all the remaining 99.5% of the population be expelled from the country, sending them to other countries, and let the land belong only to the indigenous people.

Indigenous people are Brazilians, like all people and countries in the world, , whose borders were constantly being changed and delimited. And, they want to develop. They want to have houses, cars, cell phones, electronics in general. Just as they have them, and in quantity. So therefore why the difference? They are not Brazilians, do they live here, work here?

But is it important for the indigenous to develop? Certainly not. Many interests would be hurt. In Brazil and abroad. The interest is your exploration. Both by Brazilians and by countries and international entities. Because? Simple, wealth, greed, anti-Brazil. If they let the indigenous peoples be transformed, if they let them have their own lives, if they stop being tutored as if they were mentally retarded and children, if they let them develop, they will be very rich, living in one of the most resourceful lands on the planet.

Macron, who is not known why the French elected him, who knows nothing, and does not know what a forest is, after all in his country there is no word worthy of the name, says what he does not know is just what matters. Is it because? Simple, if you don’t protect your incompetent agriculture, which barely feeds your country due to lack of competence and competitiveness, you will be finished.

Where are the artists, Brazilians and foreigners, especially Hollywoodians, who live in the lunar and Saturnian bubble, the NGOs, the rulers, the little Sweden who probably barely knows how to tidy her room, in the face of the Ukraine war, in which Russia, the country with twice the size of Brazil, and almost twice the size of China, the US and Canada, and well over twice the size of Australia, is it destroying a beautiful country?

Where are they in the face of atrocities in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, China? Oh! These countries mentioned don’t exist, are they just fantasies of our little head that are worth nothing? Where are they?

Everyone wants to own the Amazon, and we ask. Where is their Amazon? Or a simple forest that helps them? Did they destroy them for their development? Could they? And now are you jealous of ours, which has not been destroyed, is very well preserved, and yet we manage to have the best agriculture in the world, using only 7% of Brazilian territory for this?

Do they depend on Brazil for food, and criticize us? Do you want to destroy us? Should we over-subsidize our domestic consumption, at the expense of a high price for them? After all, don’t they need our food? What do they pay?

When will they have the proper shame in their faces, will their stupidities cease, and praise what we have done? In particular, the country’s recovery, occurring in less than 4 years, in which the destruction of almost 40 years has been equal, after the scorched earth?

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