Published On: Wed, Oct 7th, 2020

Dr. Jill Biden Pays A Visit to Boca Raton Century Village With A Message

This past Monday night when Dr. Jill Biden spoke, the crowd was mute in voice but loud in honking their horns ensuring that she knew she was supported.

As stated by WPBF 25 News, Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, conducted a drive-in campaign rally in Century Village where she spoke to around 200 citizens who remained socially distanced, even in their vehicles.

The guests were also required to wear facial coverings and stay in or by their cars. The bulk of this event was supporters listening to the message that Jill Biden had to offer them.

“Joe has spent his entire career listening and bringing people together,” Biden told the crowd. “He will be a president for all Americans,” WPBF Reporter, Ari Hait said.

Reminding the people of what Vice President Joe Biden would do for the Country as President, Dr. Biden ensured the betterment of resources and assistance to the elderly or senior percentage of Boca’s population. 

Biden mentioned, in her speech, that presidential candidate, Joe Biden would lower the costs of prescription drugs, protect Medicare, all while reinforcing Social Security. 

Speaking for approximately  13 minutes, Biden made certain that the people understood the importance of kindness and how leaders should remain kind. She even put emphasis on President Donald Trump, using him as an example of what kindness isn’t.

“How do I tell my kids to be kind when our leaders don’t live up to the same standard?” she asked, as the crowd honked their horns in agreement,” as Hait said in his article from WPBF.

Standing in solidarity with Boca Raton, Jill Biden ensured the citizens that they will all race to the polls, and to the top, together.

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