Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2020

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s New Sea Turtle Ambulance Is Ready To Rescue

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility now has a brand new rescue vehicle to transport injured sea turtles.  

Gumbo Limbo’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Coordinator, Whitney Crowder is in charge of the rescue program that is funded by a grant from the Sea Turtle Grants Program, the Friends of Gumbo Limbo, and the City of Boca Raton. 

Photo courtesy of Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

The Sea Turtle Grants Program is funded by proceeds from the sale of the Florida Sea Turtle License Plate. 

According to Gumbo Limbo’s website, the rescue vehicle is fully outfitted to transport injured sea turtles and other sick animals safely back to the Gumbo Limbo Facility.  

For over 35 years Gumbo Limbo’s Sea Turtle Conservation program has responded to the sea turtle strandings in Palm Beach County.

This rescue van will completely change the sea turtle rescue operates.The rescues will now be handled with more safety and efficiency to sea turtle strandings.

Due to COVID-19, Gumbo Limbo is not open to the public however they are planning to do a storytime tour with the local library for public viewing of the rescue vehicle. 

To learn more information about the new Sea Turtle Ambulance, you can visit

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