Published On: Wed, Jun 10th, 2020

Businesses in Covid-19: What can Other Businesses Learn from Thriving Online Companies?

COVID-19 havoc that started with the dawn of December in China is not ready to settle even when we are half a year down, and the whole world has become its victim. This global health crisis has brought down all our previous notions related to our world and its functionality. Now, we know that despite all our advancements and developments, a virus can quake the whole world.

A pandemic can shatter great economies, shake social life, and shut down businesses for God knows how long. We all hope that this ends up soon, and we can come back to our normal lives. But deep inside, we all are asking ourselves: how will this ‘normal’ look like after the settling of COVID-19’s wave? Let me rephrase this question: is there ever going to be any ‘normal’ now?

COVID-19 has unveiled major loopholes in our social institutions that were before hidden under the veil of the credulousness of living in a developed world. We have seen our economies, healthcare, and the educational system got paralyzed in front of a virus. In the wake of the rising concern that we might have to live with this virus forever, it is high time that we start thinking: how can we change our business landscape so that we don’t have to take another plunge due to any similar condition?

It is no joke that businesses around the globe have fired their employees, and it is expected that the second half of the year is going to cost around 305 million jobs. Things might have been changed if we would have established businesses on better grounds of functionality and infrastructure.

Let’s look at how we can change our business landscape to ditch any similar conditions in the future.

A merger of Virtual and Real World – is it the Solution?

We have seen that online businesses like digital marketing companies and eCommerce stores have somehow tried to manage the blow of COVID-19. They are still working despite lockdown. Why? Because they can operate in the virtual world without much need for real-life interaction. They can share files through the Virtual Data Room, handle operations remotely, and workers can accomplish tasks while staying at their homes. That’s where the idea of ‘work from home’ jumps into action.

For eCommerce stores, like Amazon, COVID-19 has brought vast opportunities for an increase in sales. In fact, Amazon’s few categories are becoming as popular as never before. From healthcare supplies and pet foods to Nintendo, people are buying these products to meet their needs during the ‘lockdown.’

That’s great that a few businesses are surviving during this economic crisis. But these businesses also raise the alarm for other businesses: is it time for all companies to incorporate the word ‘online’ in their business style?

The thing is that we don’t know when and how this pandemic may settle, and even if it will ever end. So, it is time for all companies to think about their future. How can they become a part of the online world and carry out things remotely even if the full operation is not possible? Because today, when we see people getting jobless, one might think: maybe, having something would have been better than the present condition – of nothingness!

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