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The Basics of Horse Race Betting

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Gambling games in any sporting event is one of the reasons why a lot of fans like to dive in many sports. It is one of the alternative ways to potentially earn a huge amount of money. Unlike poker and casino games that you usually wager, sports betting allows you to hit two birds with one stone; getting entertained and making money. 

In line with sports betting, the most popular sports where fans mostly gamble is horse racing. It is the only sporting event in the world that features racehorses with massive betting games. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t require you to spend a large amount  because there are wagering categories that you can bet even with just a dime. 

Below is a complete explanation of how to gamble on horses. 

Pick The Right Horse Racing Game 

There are types of horse racing events that take place anywhere around the globe. Although the horses need to showcase the fastest speed and reach the finish line first, there are several classifications and types of races they need to saddle. 

Here are some of them: 

Stakes Races 

It is the most popular type of horse racing tournament that features the strongest thoroughbred horses that will run in either a dirt, synthetic, or turf track.

A popular example of such a race is the Kentucky Derby, which is one of the grandest horse racing events in the United States, will start in two months. If you like to bet on the 2020 Kentucky Derby, make sure to get updated with the latest odds. 

Maiden Races

It is where the first-time racehorses who had not joined any other type of race will compete.

Claiming Races

It’s where a specific racehorse undergoes bidding. The new owner will get the horse and pay the previous breeder. It doesn’t matter if the horse is in pristine condition or is injured, the new owner must take it. 

Prepare a Betting Checklist 

To make sure that you are gambling the possible racehorse winner, you must create a betting checklist. Do know that there is no winning formula in sports betting. The only strategy you can make is to study the type of race along with the statistics of each horse saddling up inside the racing field. Here’s how you can come up with a useful betting checklist. 

The Class

You have to understand which class a racehorse belongs to. It depends who’s the breeder and where they get foaled. 

The Distance

Betting in horse racing also needs a good comparison of the running distance and assess whether your entry can successfully win. 

The Running Style

Each racehorse gets trained by a running style depending on the trainer and jockey. In general,  there are three running styles you must know. The first one is the front runner, which ultimately leads to the competition. Second, the stalker can gain momentum and overtake the leaders. Lastly, the closer runners are horses that hustle hard in the nearing end of the race and can win. 

Trainers and Jockey

The trainers and jockey are also essential factors you must consider when betting in horse racing. The trainers are the ones who hone each racehorse to develop an impressive speed at the same time, get the right soundness. 

On the other hand, the jockeys are responsible for controlling the racehorses on how they will start the racing,  gain momentum, and end the racing game. Make sure you pick those trainers and jockeys who have excellent horse racing achievements to win big at betting. 

Choosing The Betting Game

As stated, the horse racing tournament has the widest horse racing game compared to other sporting events. 

Here are some popular wagering categories to get guided.


It is picking a racehorse that can win the entire racing game. 


It is where you select two racehorses to win either in the first or second place. 


Choosing three race horses which may end up in the first, second, or third place in any given order. 


You must pick two horses to finish in the first and second in the correct manner. 


It is where you select three horses to win precisely in the first, second, and third spots. 


You have to settle on four racehorses that can place in the first, second, third, and fourth correctly. 


Horse race betting has continuously evolved in many years. Also, this sport has grown so much and is often celebrated all year round. Hence, if you are a sports bettor want to gamble on horses, make sure you are guided on how to do it using the tips listed above.

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