Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2020

The Movies We Loved January 2020

As the film nominations season comes to a close, January is usually a weak month for movie releases. In order for a film to be eligible to be nominated for any major award (Oscar, Golden Globe, etc.), the movie must be released by a certain date, which usually lands just before the new year.

Because of both the award season deadlines and because most people do not have work and/or school during this time, films tend to be released during the holiday season, and not very many are released after. 

So, of the few movies released this month, the most notable movies were The Gentlemen and Just Mercy.

Just Mercy, directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, is about lawyer Bryan Stevenson who helps the wrongfully convicted inmates on death row, and one his first clients is Walter McMillian. An emotional movie about injustice to a poor man, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx deliver an amazing and emotional performance. 

This movie is not your average courtroom drama. The concept of this film may seem familiar to movies such as Dead Man Walking, but Destin Daniel Cretton delivers it in a way that feels so new and emotional. Definitely on the top list for movies this month.

The Gentlemen, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Matthew McConaughey, is about an American who gave himself a name in London by building an extremely large and successful Marijuana empire. After a few years he wants to retire and sell his company, attracting anyone and everyone who wants his riches. This movie is fast-paced and entertaining, and although it may be somewhat hard at times to follow the plot, that is what keeps you entertained and watching, on the edge of your seat wondering how the plot will unfold.

Do not let the title ‘The Gentlemen’ confuse you, as the characters in this movie are far from gentlemen. With roots of a mafia movie because of the drugs and money and being somewhat a mystery, this film is a hilarious must-see. Although it may not be family friendly, it is a crime/comedy that you must watch.

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