Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2019

Sting brings “My Songs” Tour to Hard Rock Live – Nov 9th, 2019

Growing up in Brazil, I was always involved in surf tournaments and beach camping events during the summer months. One essential and traditional element during those events was the inclusion of background songs by the group The Police. Songs like “Message in the Bottle”, “Every Breath you Take” and “Synchronicity II” was a staple on the set list. If you were born in the early 70’s you can easily relate.
Performing solo since 1985 British singer, actor and songwriter Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, better known as Sting, continues to transcend boundaries, constantly recreating and reinventing his music and artistry. His unique voice and distinguished song-writing skills has been unmatched. No one sounds quite like Sting.
His performance at the new Hard Rock Live venue in Hollywood, FL this past Saturday, Nov 9th proved to be another sell-out with fans appealing at the box office for any possible extra/available tickets. His current tour titled My Songs, began on May 28th in Paris and is scheduled to continue with a 16-day residency performance in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace until end of September, 2020.
The undeniable quality of his performance and charismatic energy, proves Sting is still on top of his game. I kept wondering, Is he really 68?? Dressed in black and wearing an arm sling due to a shoulder surgery, Sting seemed relaxed and simultaneously energetic. He is in amazing shape and excellent vocal form.
He opened the show with “Message in the Bottle” and it didn’t take long for fans to join in and engage. “Desert Rose” was no doubt one of the highlights with its own seductive instrumental vibe and mystical vocal sounds. Delivering slightly updated versions of some of his most popular hits, including tunes from his early days with The Police, Sting kept the audience standing for most of the show.
Sharing the stage with eight other talented musicians, he delivered unique duet performances, including “Whenever I Say Your Name” with vocalist Melissa Musique and “Shape of My Heart” with vocalist Gene Noble while “Brand New Day” included the brilliant performance of Shane Sage on harmonica.
Another highlight was the performance of a long version of “Walking on the Moon” infused with lyrics of “stand up”, followed by a combo of “So Lonely” and “Woman no Cry” where fans totally engaged in a sing along.
For some, it came as a surprise when Sting mentioned his passion for country music; “ My other ambition was to be a cowboy, I was obsessed by TV westerns. Let’s see how old you are!” He then proceeded to mention a few of his favorite westerns shows and country music legends before performing “I Hang my Head”.
The set list included 19 songs with “Fragile” closing the set. Very appropriate considering how fragile we are in light of some unpleasant current events and the human violence we are witnessing in a daily basis.

If you have the opportunity to see Sting perform, it’s a must.

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