Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

What’s the Point in Being Controversial?

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Several persons, lacking positive issues to deal with in their interactions with others, appear to use every
opportunity to disagree, to act negatively, and to pronounce themselves antagonistically to anything they
see or hear from others, especially people with whom they’re already related in some form!

In the case of some, it often appears that it’s jealousy that the idea being presented did not originate in
themselves. In the case of a few others, it may be one of many unjustifiable possibilities. With all such
persons, it’s always the spirit of discord, and the intent of meddling into issues not directly addressed to
them, which robs their “opinion” from also being in the limelight!

Unfortunately, I notice this all the time, for insignificant reasons or, mostly, for no valid purpose at all.
Some people have to meddle into everything, especially when not invited to participate in any discussion.
It is a form of insecurity, and their urge of having the final word on anything that’s being discussed. Thus,
they prefer to act as fools by provoking unnecessary controversy on issues of little or no consequence at

This came to my attention recently when a person complained, most improperly, about a clean and
historically accurate sign placed on Facebook by another. In order to appear knowledgeable to her friends
in that social medium, she attacked the one who had posted the said picture, and used arguments that
could hold no water in terms of accuracy and value. It was a fully unjustifiable, insane over-reaction!

Quite often some people, perhaps unknowingly, make themselves foolish by what they choose to address than by the actual things they happen to be attacking. This occurs not only in social media, but in conversations around a table, in office disputes, or in any other forum where opinions and discussions
may be presented.

I strongly believe in the significant place of controversy in human discourse, when principles are at stake,
but fully deplore those who go out of their way to create animosity where such outlook is not called for.

Let us all live with open eyes, attentive ears, but also with mounts that open only when called for, and to
produce something constructive instead of unnecessary, and even hurtful, on account of how it is
communicated. When it’s not a matter of morality and righteousness, there are always better ways of
dealing with similar situations. And that, any intelligent person can easily pursue and provide!

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