Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

Severe Weather Floods Most of Boca

Photo By: Juan David Guerrero

Photo By: Juan David Guerrero

By: Stephanie Fonseca

The storm clouds rolled in this past Thursday and most residents of south Palm Beach County were not ready for the rain. Fortunately, they can view here for efficient solutions.

An estimated 5.76 inches of rain was recorded in certain areas of Boca Raton during the storm. But the substantial rain caused Boca residents and owners to dish out some cash and towels for damage control.

During the storm, Mizner Park looked like a water park where the water was up to people’s knees. And at the Villagio, at Mizner park, the rain began to come in from the ceilings and light fixtures. “We had to move some guests around, but they were very understanding and the clean up was pretty quick,” said Villagio manager Santiago.

Besides Mizner, Boca Raton City hall also had their building flood on the first and second floors. The flooding caused so much water damage that City Hall had to close down their one stop service center for the day, something that Communications Manager of the City of Boca Raton, Chrissy Biagiotti, said hasn’t happened in the five and a half years that she’s been with the city.

“It wasn’t something out of the ordinary, it was just a lot of rain in a short amount of time,” said Biagiotti.

Other locations that also reported flooding and damages was a private residence on Philips Drive that had their sea wall damaged from the storm. And the Town Center Mall where the rain flooded the halls of the mall. A lot of properties needed cracked foundation repair. If you’re dealing with water damage, it’s important to contact water damage restoration experts as soon as possible. Water damage can lead to serious structural problems and mold growth, so it’s important to get the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Water damage experts say that mold can cause a lot of problems, including respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

The rain also caused the sidewalks and pavement to cave in over a culvert on SW 9th Avenue, which would need to be replaced with new culverts for sale, and city officials have already sent Stellar Restoration of Bellaire repairmen to assess and fix the damage.

However, as Boca tries to recover from the storm and flooding, The National Weather service says more rain is on the way.

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