Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

5 Reasons You Look Like a Freshman

By: Megan Shea

So class has started and you’re off to bigger and better things at university. Your days on top have come to a close and you’re just as lost and confused as you were four years ago. It’s time to make some unavoidable rookie mistakes. Not that I can relate or anything…

1. Wearing your lanyard.








This is one of those alternatives to just writing on your forehead “I’m new here.”

2. Carrying or visibly reading a map on your phone.








You were just trying to get to College Algebra when Siri shamelessly announced to all around you that you’re taking the next left.

3. Looking around confused.

images (1)




You know what you did- when you just stood there scanning building names and then turned around to walk in the opposite direction that you came from. I’m sure nobody saw it.

4. Going to EVERYTHING.








The upperclassmen were trying to look out for you. They told you the floor meetings didn’t take attendance. You didn’t listen. What if the RA comes shaking down your door? I heard they withhold your degree if you don’t go to the new student convocation.

5. Scheduling an 8 am class on a Monday. Intentionally.

download (5)






“I’ll have the whole rest of the day free,” you thought.


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  1. My name is Joseph Pierre and I own probably the only black-owned off-campus bookstore in Coconut Creek, Florida.
    For 12-15 my store has been the subject of discrimination, exclusion, intimidation, and bigotry in dealing with Broward College, a public college in Broward, Florida.
    Fact 1: they excluded my store from textbook overstock purchase opportunities offered to other book buyers, such as MBS, Follett, Texas, etc.
    2) The book list, which they were legally bound to provide me, was usually inaccurate. They did so purposely to make me waste money shipping books back to publishers.
    3) They instructed their employees to throw books out in the garbage instead of selling them to me
    4) They stated that they wanted to run me out of business
    5) As all their campus bookstores were transitioning into Banes & Noble bookstores, they called the cops on me as I was about to buy scantrons they told me were reserved for Barnes & Noble, even if they were on ‘sale table.’
    6) When I called them regarding buying the overstock Barnes & Noble didn’t want to buy, they told me they had their “own buyers”, however, when I asked my white friends to call them up about the same thing, they referred them to the point sale person
    7) They coerced their own employees in order to send them to my store to illegally entrap me
    8) they sent me death threats
    9) They and their affiliates, Barnes & Noble and others called the cops on me for driving the store van on Campus, causing me to get a trespass warning, where my picture and ID were taken.
    10) Barnes & Noble has been telling students that I went out of business on purpose; they admitted doing so when I called them on it
    11) Barnes & Noble provided material support to Broward College and affiliates in order to illegally entrap me and my store

    For a complete list of the illegal acts committed by Broward College and Barnes & Noble, please go to my FB page( Bookexpressinc).

    I can be reached at 9549568924 or 9544679665

    This is easily the story of the year:
    Broward College, a big public entity, teamed up with Barnes & Noble, a big private, multibillion-dollar business to destroy a mom and pop’s, independent bookstore.

    The motives: Discrimination, exclusion, intimidation. Barnes & Noble simply can’t match the services I provide to students: textbook exchanges, free textbooks, book loans.

    I can be reached at 9549568924 or 9544679665
    I have all the documents and witnesses necessary to prove my claims

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