Published On: Thu, Feb 12th, 2015

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Shouldn’t Give

By: Megan Shea

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably looking for a helpful list of gift ideas for your significant other. Disclaimer: This is not that list.

1. An iTunes gift card.


Little else is quite as personal as an iTunes gift card. Come on, you know they pirate their music, anyway.

2. Anything that isn’t a ring in a deceivingly ring-shaped box.


Oh, you romantic, you. There’s only a few ways to keep you out of the dog house after this one. One of which results in you feigning a proposal.

3. A Weight Watchers membership.


You might have a gut-feeling that this one won’t go over well. I’d say go with that gut-feeling.

 4. Four-course meal at McDonald’s/Wendy’s/any other fast food chain. 

you blew it

It’s not your fault you forgot to call in for reservations. If you’re lucky enough, she’ll mistake the heartburn for an internal signal of her undying love for you.

5. No gift.


After all, she told you she wasn’t mad. You should be in the clear, right? When in doubt, confer with living room sofa where you will be condemned for the entirety of the night.

Need some additional inspiration?

See below (via Jimmy Kimmel Live), “I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend a Terrible Gift for Valentine’s Day”

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