Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

The light still won’t go out : PureHoney Magazine’s 3 year party at Respectables Street

By Andres Rodriguez

Steev Rullman has been a part of the ‘South Florida Music Scene’ for a ridiculously long time by any sceneological measure. He built website (now in 1998, the same year that Refused released the seminal album “The Shape of Punk To Come” and , coincidentally , in the same year that I was 9. He is now publisher of an extremely slick-looking zine which you can find at Howley’s, Blue Front, Harold’s and other SoFla favorites..

This weekend, the magazine celebrated its 3 year anniversary party at Rodney Mayo’s classic Respectables Street. This is a natural choice and I knew the place too well already. It packs up by about 11:30 and bands begin in both the backyard and main-stage. I thought I was prepared.

Standard Issue

Standard Issue. I pass from portal to portal, gradually filling my whatever meter to just the tip of satisfaction. The time of my leaving is marked by a sudden urge to axl-rose. This is my musical jelqing technique and it is critical to my performance.

I have to thank Matthew Anthony Serrano of the band Strangewave: my guru and all pro-fixer. He is ardent, jean jacketed and devastatingly sweaty. He knows the right faces and was kind enough to rope (most) of them in for me.


Sweet Bronco : Frontman Chris Horgan presents something like a lank of a Chris Isaak with a hint of spook which whispers “I just finished eating a bowl of cheerios with Lou Reed’s ghost.” So, he’s good. There is also Brittany Larevitzear on keys and croons (Also of dub act “The Psymatics) lending her sweet energies. They soundcheck with Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” but keep it abbreviated. Its a good fit and probably more telling of their success as a group than their given influences. Americana Gloom may be some underwritten stylistic assumption but musically they are much more fun than whatever that means.

The Alleys: This page in my notebook is filled with inky staircases of profanity, but it’s all very positive stuff. Matt assures me this is what Heroin Chic looks like in 2014 but I can’t really say this reminds me much of any image of Kate Moss i’ve ever abused myself to. Excerpts from the notebook, “Pure Sexual Energy” “ Like Pizza : good even when it’s bad”.

Gravel Kings : Good clean folk fun where the banjoist can play more than just the open chords. Fronted by quietly charismatic Zack Jones. It’s always good to hear an upright bass and if I can enjoy one without grating accompaniment (not looking at you, Andrew Jackson Jihad) more’s the better. Its a finer grade of gravel.

Jude: I missed the set but after a short interview realized I had actually heard the Jupiter/ Wellington duo’s track “Crystals” on soundcloud months previously. It’s a sound superficially similar to Lorde’s virgin album but having met them they are so much sweeter than all of that. And the samples are better.

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