Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013

Lizzy’s First Single is a Hit

By Skip Sheffield

Lizzy Sider is the very definition of overachiever. The Boca Raton resident, a 14-year-old freshman at PinecrestSchool, has just released her first nationally-distributed single. It is a song she co-wrote called “Butterfly.” She visited Nashville and Los Angeles recently, all while maintaining a freshman’s full academic work load.

Writings country and pop-flavored songs is nothing new for Lizzy. She’s been making up tunes on piano and guitar since she was a little girl. What’s different about “Butterfly” is that it is getting national radio airplay.

“I’ve broken into the Top 50 on the Music Row charts,” she says proudly. “I’m number 49. We are going to Los Angeles to make more contacts there with industry people- not just radio but all kinds of music industry people.”

Lizzie was in Los Angeles Feb. 6-13 and she returned to Nashville Feb. 14-20. On Feb. 23 she will perform for the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida at the Coral Springs Mall.

“We” is Lizzie, her father Don and mother Carole. They have worked tirelessly promoting Lizzie’s musical career since she began performing professionally at age 9.

“We are a team,” acknowledges Don Sider, a Boca Raton attorney. “We have been working for this for years. Now we really have something to promote.”

“Butterfly” was co-written with record producer Jamie O’Neal and recorded in Nashville. Lizzie has her own web site: Her music can be seen and heard on YouTube and ITunes. You can have a dialogue with her on her Twitter account. “Butterfly” is playing on, and TCN- The Country Network. Thirteen songs have been written for her first full album, to be recorded in 2013. A new single is due in the spring. All this, and school work too.

“My teachers have been very good about my career,” allows Lizzy. “They let me make up work when I miss classes. I got four As and a B this semester. It’s like working two jobs. I try my best at both of them.”

“We have all been working hard as a team,” says Carole Sider. “We take it as a challenge. We are like a (record) label. That’s why the industry is taking Lizzie seriously. It has taken two years of going to Nashville to get this far.”

For Lizzie Sider it goes beyond music.

“I don’t want to be just a singer,” she says. “I want to be someone who does good for the world. I want to be a role model; someone they can look up to.”

To this end Lizzie has become an advocate of empowerment with the Global Women’s Empowerment Network, a non-profit organization that uses cutting-edge technology and multimedia programming to raise awareness and funs to support and heal woman and children who have suffered abuse of all kinds.

Lizzy Sider has been selected by the CMA (Country Music Association) as one of the “Artists to watch” in 2013. She will Canadian pharmacy be part of the Southern Women’s Show Tour in Memphis March 8-9 and Nashville April 19-20. Her Facebook page is LizzieSiderMusic and her Twitter account is LizzieSider1.

Lizzie Sider

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