Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013


By: Mark Kent

In the quest for innovating integrated menu items for their 32 restaurants on the eastern seaboard, Legal Seafood’s through their Culinary Director, Kevin Watson – developed regionals luncheon specialties.

Meeting with Chef Watson, we were able to sample three soup creations including a New England clam chowder, quite light yet full bodied with tender clam bits. The Key West soup had a curry spice that was just perfection with the right bite and defined taste. We found the yellow gazpacho to be cool and pleasant though it needed a bit more of a chunky body.

A seafood tray consisting of Cape Cod oysters, with the usual red sauce, champagne vinegar sauce and a diced jalapeno sauce that wasn’t too spicy – nice accompaniment to the cool, crisp bi-valves. The tray also featured littleneck clams and jumbo, delicious shrimp.

A swordfish “salad” was a perfectly seared warm fish steak served with cool cucumber, tomato, chick peas and strips of fennel – a great luncheon creation. An excellent tuna steak was coated in a fantastic dried spice mixture – if it is on your menu, do try it! We also sampled a Portuguese fisherman stew with mussels, fish, clams and chorizos in a light and slightly sweet broth – a winner.

Dessert was a gift box of eight different cookies – each a sweet treat and most creative – this should be most popular for luncheons. Future offerings promise to be quite creative and pleasing as well.

Legal Seafood’s updates menus through the seasons to offer the freshest items available. We enjoyed our introduction to new items and suggest you…Go and enjoy!


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