Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2011

Boomer or Bust

 There were a lot of us out there. We were born between 1947 and 1965 and are formally known as Baby Boomers. We have huge marketing clout, spendable income and remember the names (and hairstyles) of all the original Beatles. It is also what makes us the perfect target market for health products and services.

 That is probably the reason that Boomer Times & Senior Life Magazine held their 6th Sizzlin’ Boomer Expo at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It was also the reason I was thrilled to see what people, products and services would enhance my boomer existence.

 I wanted to bathe in the sights and sounds of Around the World cruises and pick up some uplifting vibes about nuclear medicine or meditation mantras. But I was surprised to see that the majority of companies hawking their wares were health related. 

 Because age is just a number I rarely evaluate my stance in life by my numerical sequence. Perhaps that is why I was a bit surprised when someone stopped me in the aisle and asked if I had planned for “end of life” yet. To be perfectly honest, this life seems a bit insurmountable to me, so until I get it right (in the middle) I can’t be bothered thinking about the end of it. But, I did not refuse the microfiber glass holder given to me by the Neptune Society®. If you aren’t familiar with the Neptune Society, then you’re either young or not familiar with the burning issues of cremation.

 Luckily there were so many other booths to check out that inspired living that I left the subject of death to chance. But I didn’t get too far before I was face to face with the lovely people from Whitehall of Boca Raton. Although I think this rehab facility is top notch, it is just a few steps from the last cornerstone of life. Prozac anyone?

 One of my favorite booths was Bubbie’s Health. Not because I needed their wares (luckily) but because it made me realize what a lucky boomer I am. Bubbie’s Health sells things like Prevail and Poise (adult diapers) as well as bed rails, bath seats and large towel wipes (I got some to clean my counters). They were not only giving out lots of free samples, but they did it with a genuine interest in our needs (a husband would have been nice). Bubbie’s Health also offers free discreet delivery (but I doubt you can get a side of fries with that).

 The best part of strolling the aisles of this Boomer convention is that many of the vendors were raffling off gifts and prizes. Feisty Megan McCracken was hawking a super senior exercise set that came with a box, balance and lift DVD (for the butt we assume) and a Super Senior Power walk CD set. She was raffling off a prize as well, but she seemed more interested in selling me her power walk CD set with weights (that my thinning bones do need). Not there to shop I was merely taking in the sights and sounds of my boomer heritage.

 But my heritage seemed most fitted for the GL Home booth. It was there that attractive sales people were touting the benefits of a lifestyle fit for a royal boomer (not the Will and Kate type I assume). Their brochure shows a list of sold-out communities (there are many) and dazzles readers with pictures of glorious clubhouses at places like Canyon Tails, Marbella Lakes and Valencia Reserve. When I told the woman their prices are bit over my level head, she replied, “You’re buying a lifestyle.”

OK so I couldn’t afford the GL Homes lifestyle, but I could afford to spend some time (because of their summer specials) at the Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club in Palm Beach. The sales woman was gracious and offered help in finding me the perfect scenario for a quick and easy get-away with pampering and pleasure (husband please). They have a Florida resident rate and the historic hotel underwent a $45 million renovation.

The Miami Herald was there (you could get a nifty umbrella if you subscribe) as well as The Palm Beach Opera (the season starts in December), the Duncan Theatre (, The Pantry of Broward (they feed low income seniors) and Red Cap, a company that will pick you up or drive you anywhere in your own car.

 It is good to know that our herd of elders is being heard. But, with 60 being the new 40 the best part of the expo was the exercise walking up and down the aisles. The friendly banter between those selling and those just spinning the consumer wheel for prizes was a bit of a thrill for someone like me who doesn’t find noisy smoky nightclubs an exciting rite of passage.  . 


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