Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2019

4 Prepping Tips for Snowbirds Returning Home in the Spring


Florida is the go-to destination for snowbirds. People want to escape the snow and enjoy warm weather, and Florida offers the perfect three- or four-month retreat. Nearly a million people are seasonal residents that will go back home around April.

Snowbirds leave one home for another, but due to Florida’s hurricane-prone location, it’s important to prep the home for the time when you’re not there.

Whether it be fixing a small leak or calling in a garage door company company to fix a gap in your door, you’ll want to make sure all tasks are complete before you go back home.

A few tips to help prep your home are:

1. Bring All Outside Items Inside

Hurricanes can make the most beautiful outdoor décor into a projectile. Before leaving your home, bring all of your outside furniture indoors. You’ll also want to bring in potted plants and remove propane tanks from grills before bringing them indoors.

2. Keep the Air Conditioning Running

A mistake that many new snowbirds make is that they forget to keep their air conditioning running. You’ll want to keep the air conditioner at 80 degrees to help avoid spending too much on energy costs.

The AC will stop mold from forming. If you turn the AC off, you’re going to increase the risk of mold forming which is very expensive to remediate.

3. Hurricane Shutters

If you have hurricane shutters, you’ll want to consider installing them before you leave. The shutters will offer protection for the hurricane season which lasts from June to November. 

4. Fix Any Seal Issues on Windows and Doors

Weather sealant degrades over time, and if your weather stripping is starting to look worn, it may be time for a replacement. You’ll want to perform a check of all windows, doors and even garage doors before you leave.

Pay special attention to your garage doors.

Improper closing or seals can lead to animals entering the garage. You may also be leaving your home at risk of a break-in if the door doesn’t close properl. If you’re noticing issues with the door, it’s not aligned or a grinding noise is occurring, do a search for garage ydoor repair in Boca Raton.

It’s better to hire someone that knows about garage doors to fix the issue.

Weather stripping and caulking of doors and windows are often easy to do on your own. YouTube guides can help you properly reseal these key areas so that the home is properly sealed.

You’ll also want to check the home for any key repairs that need to be made before you leave.

If you live in an area that has high crime, experts recommend installing automatic lights to make it look like someone is still home to deter thieves. 

One additional item to check off of your checklist is to hire someone to check on the house while you’re gone. The person or management team should check on the house a few times per month to make sure that it’s still in good condition and a robbery has not occurred. Home monitoring services will provide snowbirds with peace of mind that their winter home is being properly monitored in their absence.

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