Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2019

7 Tourist Kinds Of Things To Do In Boca Raton

If you are in Boca Raton, Florida, there are a number of eventful things to do with the family, things which cannot be fully captured on camera and although it may sound cliché, things you can cherish for a lifetime. If you are out and about with the family, or perhaps you are travelling solo trying to get away from the family, either way, you are in luck when finding yourself basking in the joys of a very busy Boca Raton, trust us, there is more to this place than white shores and crystal oceans.

Boca Raton Museum of Art

Despite trying to ditch the family, this is one occasion you may want mom and dad to come with. You may find a piece of art that speaks volumes to your soul and you may just need Asteria loans on speed dial if your family isn’t present. The museum attracts 200 000 visitors per annum and features a rich collection of famous attractions. Take a tour and spot the art school in the back for additional viewing of budding artistry.

The Daggerwing Nature Center

If you are an animal lover and have an appreciation for the incredible beauty of nature, the Daggerwing Nature Center is the ideal tourist attraction for you. The interactive exhibits are displayed in a 3000 square foot hall. Again, you get to witness the laboratory, the reading center and the classrooms which have been expertly designed to teach. During your tour you will get to witness alligators, woodpeckers and even endangered wood storks.

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

The entire tour is approximately one hour and visitors get to better understand the history behind the lighthouse and learn a little bit more about Boca Raton.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The museum tells the sad tale of the Japanese farmers who previously owned the lands before World War II. The culture can be appreciated by those who go on the tour of the gardens.

Palm Beach Hydroflight

The adrenaline junkie seeker needn’t look any further than a fun filled day with water sport activities that includes you flying through the air like Superman himself. Palm Beach offers a water sport activity which involves a water hover board, easy to learn how to control and have fun.

Force-E Dive Center

Explore the open water with professional divers who will take you on a scuba diving experience you couldn’t even begin to imagine, all under water. Activities include dive nights, local excursions and snorkelling.

Boca Raton Helicopters

There is no ride like a sky ride. View the majestic beauty of Boca Raton in mid-air in a helicopter and explore the views unlike anything you have ever imagined before.

Whether you live in the beautiful neighbourhoods of Boca Raton or you are touring the coastal parts, make sure you spend at least one day of your stay as a tourist and explore hidden parts of the famous Florida you have never heard of before!


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