Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Boca Raton Firefighters Deliver Supplies To Keys

By: Jack Rubin

Though Hurricane Irma’s effects are becoming less noticeable in Boca Raton, the storm’s impacts are still being felt in the Florida Keys. Cities all across the state are working to bring the Keys back to full strength.

Boca Raton’s relief efforts came to Marathon, FL on Friday, September 22. The City of Boca delivered a moving truck and a full 18-wheeler truck of much-needed supplies to the Marathon City Hall. The supplies included non-perishable food items, tents, bedding, toiletries, and many other essential items.

Boca Raton firefighters and paramedics led this cause. Public Information Officer Bob Lemons remarked, “It did not take long to realize that the citizens and business of Boca Raton and the surrounding communities were going all out to support this cause.” The Fire Department and law enforcement vehicles escorted the trucks down to the Keys. During the supply delivery, the group pushed through the rain to complete the mission.

The people of South Florida have been incredible with storm recovery donations. Donations to this supply were also assisted by The City of Margate Fire Department and The Boca Raton Police Department. Florida Outdoor donated a few chainsaws to assist cleanup efforts. Citizens and businesses in the Palm Beach and Broward County area supplied tons of goods for the cause after the Fire Department Benevolent spread the word.

Lemons joked, “If I may modify a quote from the movie ”Jaws”, it was not long before our firefighters were standing out in the truck bay looking over all the donations saying, ‘we are going to need a bigger truck!’”

Once the supplies were delivered, the Red Cross took over distribution.

Boca Raton is sending a lot of supplies to the Keys through both public and private supply drives. Florida’s prettiest attractions will need a lot of help to resume normal life quickly, but they are certainly moving forward.

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