Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

Raising a Healthy Family in Canada

Going to the doctor can be relatively tiresome, considering the long queues that you have to endure, not to mention the time that you need to drive to the hospital. On the other hand, catering to your family’s health needs is vital in raising a healthy and happy family. However, your busy life schedule might not allow you to attend to your family, regularly. Nonetheless, thanks to advancement in technology, you can now consult a Calgary family physician online. With the invention of the Equinoxe Virtual doctor App, you and your family can access medical services from the comfort of your home or office. You do not need to drive to the hospital. The EQ App is not only a convenient way of receiving health care but also easily accessible.

 Making an appointment with a doctor has never been easier thanks to the Equinoxe Virtual App. By using the EQ Virtual App, you can access health care whenever and wherever you need it. Firstly, you have to create an EQ account by providing your personal information and health card number, in a secure and convenient manner. You do not have to worry about your private information, as the App uses Medeo encryption to ensure your data is secure. After creating an account, you can schedule a video meeting with a doctor. If by any chance you find the clinic closed, you can schedule a meeting for a later date or time. The doctor visits are similar to the conventional one on one meeting, but in this case, the visitation is taking place online.

When you start using the App, you will get an active connection to a doctor or a care administrator who will be in hand to answer all your queries. Just like in a traditional setting, you get the chance to describe your symptoms and attach any photos relating to your health issues. You may also raise any questions that you may have, and provide any other information you deem relevant. The doctor will then perform an online diagnosis and provide a care plan for your health problem. When you complete your virtual visit, you can review your care plan or raise any issues that you feel are still pending. The doctor is always ready to provide further assistance including scheduling follow-ups and booking referrals to a specialist. Additionally, the doctor can send your medical prescription to a chemist near you, for ease in access.

Finding reputable family doctors in Vancouver or anywhere within Canada is no longer a problem with the availability of the EQ Virtual App. Any member of your family can use the app, as long as you have created an EQ online account. Importantly, the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia covers all doctor visits, when you use the App. This means that all your family members who are covered by the health insurance scheme can use it. Additionally, it is easily downloadable and compatible with PC, Android and iOS devices.

By using this app, you can ensure that your family stays healthy and happy.

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