Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2024

Q&A With Isaac Mizrahi

Famous clothes designer coming to Boca in his cabaret persona

By Marci Shatzman

Most people think of Isaac Mizrahi as the fashion designer and TV personality. But he’s bringing his six-piece jazz band and cabaret act on March 9 as a headliner in the 18th Festival of the Arts BOCA March 1 through 10 at Mizner Park Amphitheater.

This isn’t a new gig for Mizrahi. Note the photo of him singing:

He may be known for his clothing designs and lines, “Project Runway: All Stars” judging and frequent appearances on QVC. That’s where he was headed when we talked to him.

But Festival of the Arts BOCA touts his music as “a range of tunes by the likes of Madonna and Barbra Streisand to Billie Eilish.” And The New York Times describes his act as “pushing cabaret into candor.”

But always with a sense of humor, he insisted in our interview.

Q: Do you have a set playlist, or do you go with the flow and perform what the audience wants to hear?

A: We cover a lot of ground…Cole Porter, Peter Allen. The playlist is derived from a story I tell. I start with a reboot of “You’re the Top.” I do new lyrics. I’m still rewriting the lyrics since 2016.

Q: How do you interact with the audience?

A: It’s a commentary. I tell stories and jokes. I read the audience and get a feeling and a vibe. I can get deeper into it or move on. People love it because it’s really a funny show. To laugh, especially now…one thing the show is good for. (

Q: The festival reminds your followers that you segued from acting into couture. You were in the movies, and just on Broadway in a revival of “Chicago” in 2022. What do you want people to know about your performing creds?

A: That’s how I started in the world at a performing arts high school (New York City High School of Performing Arts). I’ve been on stage for years.

Q: We’re known as New York South. Were you ever here before?

A: I did a book tour and a signing (for his 2019 “I.M.: A Memoir”) My mom had a place in Florida for years (Miami). We went to Boca, Palm Beach and a little island in Florida whose name I don’t remember. It was very tropical.

Q: Are you still doing your podcast Hello Isaac? And I see your cabaret act is on tour.    

Q: I’ve really been trying to make this transition. Here I am starting over again, and opportunities are arising. I’m on Tiktok and I’m gaining new followers every day (86,400 at last count). I like it. It grounds me.

Q: What’s Isaac Mizrah’s life like now?

A: I’m appearing at Café Carlyle again for two weeks. I’m building material to bring to Boca. I live a lot of my life in Bridgehampton now. I just started touring two or three years ago. I go through spurts when I’m on the road.

Q: Some celebrities don’t like fame and being recognized. Do you?

A: I feel so privileged and lucky to be me. I am so lucky to be with my husband. (He married Arnold Germer in 2011). That’s the most important thing.

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